Vault Tales 163 ToyTrio Ornithomimus, Giganotosaurus, Anomalocaris

All prehistoric Trio today! Wide range of odd animals… GeoWorld Jurassic Hunters Ornithomimus First up we have another Jurassic Hunters from GeoWorld. This time we are looking at a figure from Series 1 (the previous Thescelosaurus was Series 2), part of the original dinosaurs release, item number CL353K. It’s an interesting figure, to say theContinue reading “Vault Tales 163 ToyTrio Ornithomimus, Giganotosaurus, Anomalocaris”

Vault Tales 161 Safari Ltd Shringasaurus

And here we are, with another single figure post. And again, it’s because the figure is very notable. This time, because the figure is brand new this year, and features an animal so unusual, I’m surprised it got made by one of the major companies. I am speaking about the Safari Ltd Shringasaurus released inContinue reading “Vault Tales 161 Safari Ltd Shringasaurus”

Vault Tales 159 ToyTrio Achaeon, Ladybug, Placerias

We’ve got a wide assortment of figures here–representing ‘tiny’ in different ways! Some figures are tiny, some figures represent the super tiny, and some figures represent tiny animals fairly closely. It also mean tiny sections…not much to say about little figures sometimes! Yujin NHK Miracle Planet Archaeon First off, representing the tiniest life forms possibleContinue reading “Vault Tales 159 ToyTrio Achaeon, Ladybug, Placerias”

Vault Tales 155 ToyTrio Chipmunk, Armadillo, Eagle Ray

Well, we’re back to a pretty random trio…two are from Colorata, so that’s a link. The other is very much not. But they’re all really nice so there’s that! Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Chipmunk First up, our Safari figure, from their Incredible Creatures line. This is their Chipmunk, Safari item number 263029. Overall, the lineContinue reading “Vault Tales 155 ToyTrio Chipmunk, Armadillo, Eagle Ray”

Vault Tales 154 ToyTrio Iguanodon, Thescelosaurus and Desmatosuchus

Time for an all-prehistoric, all-herbivore, all-archosaur reptiles figures trio. From a weirdly wide range of companies and styles… GeoWorld Jurassic Hunters Thescelosaurus So…here’s a first for the blog I think–a figure from the GeoWorld Jurassic Hunters series. This is a weird series, starring a fossil hunter out of Italy branded as “Dr. Steve” that cameContinue reading “Vault Tales 154 ToyTrio Iguanodon, Thescelosaurus and Desmatosuchus”