FigureFrenzy 296 Acrocanthosaurus, Redfin, Sea Lion, Wolverine

We’re going all over the place today! The only thing that unites them is that I have them all…let’s go! Nayab/FUL/Lontic Sea Lions First off, we have a trio of small Sea Lion figures from the usual general-purpose company of Nayab/Lontic/FUL whatever maker/distributor it is. Once again, we have a a large and small set,Continue reading “FigureFrenzy 296 Acrocanthosaurus, Redfin, Sea Lion, Wolverine”

FigureFrenzy 295 Aye-Aye, Beipiaosaurus, Chuckwalla, Lobsters

We’re just going all over the place this time. Kind of a little of this, a little of that. Sometimes things are really, really random! Nayab/FUL/Lontic Lobsters and Spiny Lobster I’m going to start with a trio of crustaceans that, I think, are all from the same company (Lontic, Nayab, FUL, whatever…) The style isContinue reading “FigureFrenzy 295 Aye-Aye, Beipiaosaurus, Chuckwalla, Lobsters”

FigureFrenzy 281 Llama, Butterflyfish, Basilisk, Olm

It’s going to be all living animals today! No extinction here! Hopefully! And a pretty broad taxonomic range too! Safari Ltd Pets Toob Llama Let’s start with the mammal, a Llama from the Safari Pets toob, item 683704. I don’t have a ton to say about it–other than it’s a pretty decent figure. The poseContinue reading “FigureFrenzy 281 Llama, Butterflyfish, Basilisk, Olm”

Vault Tales 245 FigureFrenzy Sea Cucumber, Sea Star, Pipefish, Garden eels, Goby

It’s been a while since I did a random figure frenzy, but here we are! Five figures from varying companies, of varying quality. And all represent marine animals (although I don’t think they coexist…) FUL (Nayab?) Sea Cucumbers large & small First up, a pair of weird little figures that I picked up at variousContinue reading “Vault Tales 245 FigureFrenzy Sea Cucumber, Sea Star, Pipefish, Garden eels, Goby”

Vault Tales 211 FigureFrenzy Greek Chimaera, Olenoides, Trilobite, Iguana

So today is going to be…brief. Not a whole lot to say about most of these so it’s going to be brief. Not everything in the collection is gold…Two different trilobites so that’s unexpected! Safari Ltd Mythical Realms Chimaera First up, one of the fantasy or mythical figures in the collection (although not displays). ItContinue reading “Vault Tales 211 FigureFrenzy Greek Chimaera, Olenoides, Trilobite, Iguana”