FigureFrenzy 297 River dolphin, Komodo dragon, Coral snake, Mekosuchine

Another very random foursome. Really, really random–mostly reptiles though, by accident. But a good assortment! Safari Ltd South American Animals toob Amazon River Dolphin First up, an Amazon River Dolphin figure from the 2021 Amazon River animals toob from Safari. This toob, number 100684, is a great set, a most recent one from Safari’s recentContinue reading “FigureFrenzy 297 River dolphin, Komodo dragon, Coral snake, Mekosuchine”

FigureFrenzy 295 Aye-Aye, Beipiaosaurus, Chuckwalla, Lobsters

We’re just going all over the place this time. Kind of a little of this, a little of that. Sometimes things are really, really random! Nayab/FUL/Lontic Lobsters and Spiny Lobster I’m going to start with a trio of crustaceans that, I think, are all from the same company (Lontic, Nayab, FUL, whatever…) The style isContinue reading “FigureFrenzy 295 Aye-Aye, Beipiaosaurus, Chuckwalla, Lobsters”

Vault Tales 270 FigureFrenzy Binturong, Macaw, Beaded lizard, Fire salamander

Quick look at some figures of modern animals, in the usual wide range of types and quality…a few of them are great. A few of them…are definitely figures. Of tetrapods. You’ll see. Play Visions Binturong (?) So, first off, a figure that I am so glad to have! A mystery figure of sorts…this is theContinue reading “Vault Tales 270 FigureFrenzy Binturong, Macaw, Beaded lizard, Fire salamander”

Vault Tales 204 Run the Set WingMau Lizards

I’m going to be looking at another full set today, the Wing Mau set of lizards. I have visited one of the individual figures once before, but I’ll go over the full set of 12 now. It’s an interesting set that features a number of species that we don’t otherwise see made as figures. AndContinue reading “Vault Tales 204 Run the Set WingMau Lizards”

Vault Tales 198 Run the Set Kaiyodo Takara ChocoQ Amazing Animals

It’s a Run the Set today, a few figures from one of the last Kaiyodo Choco animal series. In this case, it was a set called Amazing Animals, released with Takara in the rebranded ‘ChocoQ’ line. This occurred after Kaiyodo parted ways with Furuta in about 2003 (I think); from what I recall, Kaiyodo hadContinue reading “Vault Tales 198 Run the Set Kaiyodo Takara ChocoQ Amazing Animals”