Vault Tales 155 ToyTrio Chipmunk, Armadillo, Eagle Ray

Well, we’re back to a pretty random trio…two are from Colorata, so that’s a link. The other is very much not. But they’re all really nice so there’s that! Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Chipmunk First up, our Safari figure, from their Incredible Creatures line. This is their Chipmunk, Safari item number 263029. Overall, the lineContinue reading “Vault Tales 155 ToyTrio Chipmunk, Armadillo, Eagle Ray”

Vault Tales 143 ToyTrio Tawa, Coelophysis, Tyrannosaurus

So today’s trio is going to be a variety of dinosaur figures, all relatively recent releases! As it works out…it kind of acts as a very basic family lineage of the theropod (meat-eating) dinosaurs. If I arrange them in the right order…which I did. It’s also why it felt more right to put them togetherContinue reading “Vault Tales 143 ToyTrio Tawa, Coelophysis, Tyrannosaurus”

Vault tales Run the Set 138 Colorata Saltwater Fish box (original)

Well, after so many posts about individual fish figures from this set, we are going to see them all as a Run the Set! This is probably one of my favorite sets (though of course not the favorite…there is a set with a bichir after all), and was one of the earlier ones that IContinue reading “Vault tales Run the Set 138 Colorata Saltwater Fish box (original)”

Vault tales 127 – Clades – Chondrostei

I am back with another Clades post. This one is exciting because it features one of my favorite fish groups! It’s also daunting because I have a lot of representatives of this group (unlike most of the ones I’ve done) which means more to say. And also trying to sort out photo presentation… As itContinue reading “Vault tales 127 – Clades – Chondrostei”

Vault Tales 121 Colorata Dolphinfish

This post is going to look at another figure from the Saltwater Fishes box produced by Colorata. This will be the Dolphinfish, AKA Mahi-Mahi, number in the original set. It’s interesting that, given that I have hundreds of Colorata figures (they’re a little like popcorn or potato chips, hard to stop at one!) I haveContinue reading “Vault Tales 121 Colorata Dolphinfish”