Vault Tales 224 FigureFrenzy Badger, Gharial, Water bug, Black bear, Snapping turtle

Back to another very random bunch of figures. Not sure if there is any particular way I can connect them…perhaps, all of them are living animals that could theoretically cause some kind of harm to people that aren’t paying attention? Whatever connects them (it was random) they’re all pretty decent models though! Play Visions AmericanContinue reading “Vault Tales 224 FigureFrenzy Badger, Gharial, Water bug, Black bear, Snapping turtle”

Vault Tales 157 ToyTrio Glyphoderma, Nothosaurus, more Nothosaurs!

So today will be all Triassic marine reptiles! And all are relatively small figures, in the tube-size range or so. Some great ones, some…not really. But it’s not a common type of figure, so still great to have! Bin Figure Nothosaurs I’ll start with what is (originally) the oldest figure, and, yeah, the weakest one.Continue reading “Vault Tales 157 ToyTrio Glyphoderma, Nothosaurus, more Nothosaurs!”

Vault tales 59 Play Visions Elasmosaurus

Who makes it? Play Visions, as part of their classic Prehistoric Marine Reptiles series. The elasmosaur is number 6 if you’re curious. When did it come out? The figure is stamped 1998 so…1998? Still available? As with other excellent marine reptile sets, this one is discontinued. It has been for some time now. It hasContinue reading “Vault tales 59 Play Visions Elasmosaurus”

Vault tales 33 Ausini Chevrotain

Who makes it? Once again the Random Number Generator seems…less random. Like the Wild Boar from a weeks ago this is a figure from the Ausini wild animals set. Like the rest of the set, nothing is labelled or identified by the company. My best guess is chevrotain (mouse deer)–it’s a pointy-nosed hoofed animal thatContinue reading “Vault tales 33 Ausini Chevrotain”