Vault Tales 11 Safari Ltd Triceratops

Who makes it? Safari Ltd, as part of their WS Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Life series…which has recently been renamed Wild Safari Prehistoric World. But when this one came out it was WSD&PL, item number 284529 When did it come out? I want to say 2010…but it was apparently 2008 Still available? Maybe…I can find outContinue reading “Vault Tales 11 Safari Ltd Triceratops”

Vault Tales 1 Safari Ltd Psittacosaurus

Who makes it? Safari Ltd as part of their Prehistoric World series (formerly WS Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Life, previously WS Dinos). Item number is 304229 When did it come out? Last year 2018 Still available? Pretty sure yes. Where can it be found in my displays? The upper glass cabinets 0BESTA-TOP How does it fitContinue reading “Vault Tales 1 Safari Ltd Psittacosaurus”