About the Blog

Welcome to the Fauna Figures blog

What is the purpose of the blog? Well, I have been an avid collector of modern and prehistoric animal models and figures for as long as I can remember. Since my early days (over 20 years ago!) I have seen some major changes–changes in companies, changes in markets, changes in the collecting community, changes in the underlying science (feathered dinos! Who knew?), and especially changes in quality.

I used in a place where a gift shop was part of my role, and part of that gift shop was finding and bringing in interesting, unique and popular figures representing animals (mostly prehistoric) that reflected the nature of the facility. I got to know several companies and began to understand their motivations, their appeal and how difficult some of them were to find (especially here in western Canada). I even created an online store for a while, but markets and time changed, so I have stopped doing that now.

Instead I am using this blog to discuss, explore and sometimes justify my broad collection of animal figures from around the world, representing hundreds of different creatures (plus a few plants, microbes and mythological critters). There are some companies in other countries that make amazing figures as well, and I am privileged to have even a few of these (well, more than a few…). It would sometimes be nice if they were more easily available in Canada…but I already have space issues!

Hopefully you’ll see some new and exciting things that I’ve gathered up over the years. Maybe you’ll get inspired to start hunting for something new or unusual that you never knew existed! Or maybe you’ll be able to tell me about something I need! I’m always adding on!

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