FigureFocus 323 Playmates Dinosaur King Ceratosaurus

Another look at a figure from the Dinosaur King series, this time another one from series one. This one is the Ceratosaurus figure from the series. At this point I’ve written about so many of these figures, and yet there’s always so many more, it’s hard to have more to say! This one stands outContinue reading “FigureFocus 323 Playmates Dinosaur King Ceratosaurus”

FigureFocus 322 ForCorporation Churaumi Aquarium Whale Shark

Time to look at another one of those less common gashapon figures from a less common company. This is one from a company called ForCorporation, and while I’m sure they do other things, I am familiar with them as makers of aquarium capsule figures. While some of them have come into my collection (or atContinue reading “FigureFocus 322 ForCorporation Churaumi Aquarium Whale Shark”

FigureFocus 321 Character Options Primeval Coelurosauravus

Well here’s a weird one. Fans of prehistoric TV and movies might remember the BBC show “Primeval” but at this point it’s pretty niche. Even more niche is that for a brief while a few of the characters (human and animal) were made as toys! They were pretty obscure even in the initial run, mostContinue reading “FigureFocus 321 Character Options Primeval Coelurosauravus”

FigureFocus 320 Safari Ltd South American toob Three-toed Sloth

Another Safari toob figure already, but this one is very new. From the South American animals toob released in 2001, item 100684, it is the Three-toed Sloth. These are becoming popular animals as figures (and cultural memes) and Safari has already made at least one larger figure as well (a two-toed) in a very differentContinue reading “FigureFocus 320 Safari Ltd South American toob Three-toed Sloth”

FigureFocus 319 Safari Ltd Exotic Birds toob Scarlet Ibis

Quick look at more dinosaurs…but a modern one this time! It’s a Scarlet Ibis from a Safari toob. The original toob is the Exotic Birds toob, item 680404, first released in 2006. The set featured a number of birds that, I suppose depending on perspective, would be exotic, from a variety of locales (mostly LatinContinue reading “FigureFocus 319 Safari Ltd Exotic Birds toob Scarlet Ibis”