FigureFrenzy 284 Brontosaurus, Dimetrodon, Gomphotherium, Velociraptor

Taking a look at a weird and wide variety of prehistoric figures. Representing all kinds of geologic ages and taxonomic groups! Also…pretty wide range of quality. Dino Magic Fizz-N-Surprise ‘Brontosaurus’ Skeleton (GLOW!) Well let’s start with what will obviously be the low point…another figure from the Dino Magic series. I have to say, it’s representativeContinue reading “FigureFrenzy 284 Brontosaurus, Dimetrodon, Gomphotherium, Velociraptor”

FigureFocus 283 Safari Gryposaurus

A quick visit to a single excellent figure from Safari Ltd today, the Gryposaurus from the Dinos & Prehistoric Life series (or whatever the name of the series is, was, or will be. It’s changed a lot). The item number is 302529, and it was first released in 2013. One thing to immediately note–for aContinue reading “FigureFocus 283 Safari Gryposaurus”

FigureFrenzy 281 Llama, Butterflyfish, Basilisk, Olm

It’s going to be all living animals today! No extinction here! Hopefully! And a pretty broad taxonomic range too! Safari Ltd Pets Toob Llama Let’s start with the mammal, a Llama from the Safari Pets toob, item 683704. I don’t have a ton to say about it–other than it’s a pretty decent figure. The poseContinue reading “FigureFrenzy 281 Llama, Butterflyfish, Basilisk, Olm”

Vault Tales 279 Run the Set Safari Ltd Sea Turtle Life Cycle

Let’s do a quick one this week, a visit to another Safari Life Cycle. This time it’s a quick look at the Green Sea Turtle Life Cycle, released in 2012 under item number 662316. As with the previously-seen Monarch butterfly set, there are a few figures, and their scales are all over the place. BeingContinue reading “Vault Tales 279 Run the Set Safari Ltd Sea Turtle Life Cycle”

Vault Tales 271 FigureFrenzy Pufferfish, TroutPerch, Perch, Crocodile shark

Start of a new year! So let’s start with a variety of fish! Colorata Saltwater Fish 1 Tiger Pufferfish Our first fish of 2022 is the Tiger Pufferfish from Colorata, number 14 in the original Saltwater Fish box set. It’s a magnificent figure, lots of detail and colour. As is is common with about halfContinue reading “Vault Tales 271 FigureFrenzy Pufferfish, TroutPerch, Perch, Crocodile shark”