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Vault tales 112 – Clades – Pliosaurs

Part of the fun of doing these clades ones is learning more about the models I have! Here we some that only show up as one example in my collection–the CollectA Rhomalaeosaurus which is not quite a pliosaurid but is […]

Vault Tales Run the Set 111 ToyFishFactory American Angler Collection

It’s a set of fish! popular American angling fish no less! We’re back with a Run the Set again, this time the American Angler collection from Toy Fish Factory. I know I’ve talked about the TFF line at some point–I […]

Vault Tales 110 CollectA Uintatherium

The Uintatherium as proposed by CollectA. It’s a pretty active, dynamic beast. With the obvious knobbly head! Today we are going to look at a single figure (I know, it’s been a while!), the recent CollectA Uintatherium from their Deluxe […]

Vault tales 109 – Clades – “Stegocephalia”

We’ll work the photos from furthest back in the fossil record. This is a 3D printed Tiktaalik from Shapeways–sadly no longer available. The file didn’t print quite right (there are gaps on the underside). It’s about 1:23 scale with the […]

Vault Tales Run the Set 108 CollectA Dinosaurs MiniBox 1

All 12 figures from Dinosaurs set 1. I personally think we might be due for a couple more. So we’re back already with another Run the Set! This time we’ll look at a much more recent one, a box made […]

Vault posts!

A place to talk about random figures from my collection. Some will be in-depth with stories behind them, some will…be randomly chosen and I won’t have much to say about them! Those will be a section called Tales from the Vault!

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