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Vault Tales 98 Yowies UK Frilled Lizard

It’s pretty rough, but there aren’t many other animals it could be! It seems like we just visited the Yowies a couple days ago and here we are with another classic version. This time, it is a figure made by […]

Vault Tales 97 Yowies Lost Kingdoms Tasmaniosaurus

It’s a not-crocodile but kind of reptile! There’s actually quite a bit of story on its taxonomic status… It’s been a while since we visited the Yowies figures and oddly enough, this will be my first look at one of […]

Vault Tales 96 Kaiyodo Dinotales Anomalocaris

The first superpredator? Maybe. This may be the most glorious version out there. This post is going to go back to the Kaiyodo Dinotales, a series that I’ve spent quite a bit of time discussing. Hardly surprising, since I have […]

Vault Tales 95 Kaiyodo Capsule Aquarium Bronze Whaler Shark

There are not enough shark figures. Of most species. Like this one. I am once again revisiting a figure from Kaiyodo (a company that has come up in this blog many times already), but I think this is the first […]

Vault Tales 94 Colorata Japanese Pilchard

It’s a wee little fishy! This post is going to go back to the Colorata figures well (I do have a lot of them). This time, it’s another figure from the Saltwater Fishes box set, a Japanese Pilchard. Clearly this […]

Vault Tales 93 Shapeways Kosmoceratops

A highly detailed 3D printing For this post we’re going to look at another figure produced through Shapeways. This time it is a Kosmoceratops sculpted by noted artist David Krentz. I don’t know if he has added more, but for […]

Vault tales 92 Customized Replica Toy Fish Amur Pike

The original northern pike (left) with the Amur pike repaint Today’s figure is another fish from the defunct Replica Toy Fish Company, but more than that, it is another custom paint job of one of the RTF figures. Last time […]

Vault tales 91 Kaiyodo National Museum Futabasaurus & Skeleton

(Side note–I’ve been doing this for almost a year, and have decided to change up the format. I’ll say about the same things, but I’m just going to go with paragraphs now!) A pretty purple plesiosaur perfectly perched…precariously? The alliteration […]

Vault posts!

A place to talk about random figures from my collection. Some will be in-depth with stories behind them, some will…be randomly chosen and I won’t have much to say about them! Those will be a section called Tales from the Vault!

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