FigureFocus 320 Safari Ltd South American toob Three-toed Sloth

Another Safari toob figure already, but this one is very new. From the South American animals toob released in 2001, item 100684, it is the Three-toed Sloth. These are becoming popular animals as figures (and cultural memes) and Safari has already made at least one larger figure as well (a two-toed) in a very differentContinue reading “FigureFocus 320 Safari Ltd South American toob Three-toed Sloth”

FigureFocus 319 Safari Ltd Exotic Birds toob Scarlet Ibis

Quick look at more dinosaurs…but a modern one this time! It’s a Scarlet Ibis from a Safari toob. The original toob is the Exotic Birds toob, item 680404, first released in 2006. The set featured a number of birds that, I suppose depending on perspective, would be exotic, from a variety of locales (mostly LatinContinue reading “FigureFocus 319 Safari Ltd Exotic Birds toob Scarlet Ibis”

FigureFrenzy 300 Allosaurus, Anteater, Pantylus, Penguin

Been a bit distracted lately, but catching right back up…once again, with a very random assortment. Very. Broad range of quality, style, and taxonomy. Jurassic World FK mini Allosaurus (Walmart) So we’ll start with another mini figure from the Walmart Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom multi-pack (a few others can be seen here). This time it’s theContinue reading “FigureFrenzy 300 Allosaurus, Anteater, Pantylus, Penguin”

FigureFrenzy 286 Tree frog, Owl, Bat-eared fox, Manta ray

We’re going to go through a bunch of mini-size figures this week! A good look at how many companies have actually made these tiny-size figures! With one exception, most of these figures are sized well for scenes and dioramas with more traditionally larger figures. In keeping with the theme, I’ll keep it short (there’s onlyContinue reading “FigureFrenzy 286 Tree frog, Owl, Bat-eared fox, Manta ray”


So today is Christmas day–which means that the whole family is here! The extended family is here now! Day twelve can be found here. The tag for the whole set will be here. On Fishmas day itself cladistics gave to me… Twelve Eupercaria! Eleven fish near the top Ten Syngnatharia+Pelagiaria Nine Percomorpha Eight basal NeoteleostsContinue reading “FISHMAS DAY!”