Vault Tales 246 FigureFrenzy Bat, Horse, Smilodon, Megaloceros, Theropoda

More randomness…including what might be my first accidental repeat of a figure! Considering how many I’ve done, I’m surprised I haven’t done it before (or at least, didn’t catch it before I had everything together!) I’ll put a different spin on it I guess…it did throw off the otherwise ‘mammals only’ theme for the postContinue reading “Vault Tales 246 FigureFrenzy Bat, Horse, Smilodon, Megaloceros, Theropoda”

Vault tales 88 Schleich German Shepherd puppy

Who makes it? This is a Schleich figure, item number 16343. I’ll be honest, this one’s going to be brief…! When did it come out? It was first released in 2006 Still available? Nope. It was discontinued in 2015 Where can it be found in my displays? It is not. It’s actually my son’s, andContinue reading “Vault tales 88 Schleich German Shepherd puppy”