FigureFocus 320 Safari Ltd South American toob Three-toed Sloth

Another Safari toob figure already, but this one is very new. From the South American animals toob released in 2001, item 100684, it is the Three-toed Sloth. These are becoming popular animals as figures (and cultural memes) and Safari has already made at least one larger figure as well (a two-toed) in a very different pose and sculpt. There are several species of three-toed sloths and while Safari has not specified which, most other sources consider it to be the Brown throated sloth.

The figure is an excellent little representation of a sloth, and for the size manages to get a lot of detail in it. The fur is scraggly if a little rough, but the face has lots of character, capturing as well as possible the typical sloth face. This includes the dark patches over the black eyes. The pose is set up so that the sloth appears to be sitting, which is great for setting on a shelf or surface, but with raised arms to make it look like it is in a tree.

The good news is that of course this figure is readily available, having been released within the last year. Overall, the toob is contains several great models which would suit any collection or playset (the Arapaima is still the gem–Safari doesn’t do enough freshwater fish). And, being so new, it means that this is definitely the time to get it, while the paint and models are in their first run. There are of course other sloth figures out there of varying size and quality, but Safari has probably made one of the nicest and most accessible small figures. I would definitely suggest getting hold of one.

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