Vault Tales 151 ToyTrio Two Salamanders and a Lungfish

So here’s a few figures connected by being…air breathing vertebrates? Sure, let’s say that. Otherwise they’re very, very different. COG “Cool Reptiles” Green salamander First off, I’m starting with a small salamander figure from a bucket set called Cool Reptiles from COG Ltd. Even though it seems to contain more amphibians than reptiles…anyway, I recentlyContinue reading “Vault Tales 151 ToyTrio Two Salamanders and a Lungfish”

Vault tales 127 – Clades – Chondrostei

I am back with another Clades post. This one is exciting because it features one of my favorite fish groups! It’s also daunting because I have a lot of representatives of this group (unlike most of the ones I’ve done) which means more to say. And also trying to sort out photo presentation… As itContinue reading “Vault tales 127 – Clades – Chondrostei”

Vault Tales 98 Yowies UK Frilled Lizard

It seems like we just visited the Yowies a couple days ago and here we are with another classic version. This time, it is a figure made by Cadbury for Yowies in the UK. Although they still came with chocolate, the UK figures were single-piece figures made of PVC. There were only two series released,Continue reading “Vault Tales 98 Yowies UK Frilled Lizard”

Vault Tales 97 Yowies Lost Kingdoms Tasmaniosaurus

It’s been a while since we visited the Yowies figures and oddly enough, this will be my first look at one of the prehistoric models from the Lost Kingdoms series. Specifically, this is the Tasmaniosaurus from Lost Kingdom series A, item number 06. Lost Kingdoms was first introduced with this series in 2000, and ofContinue reading “Vault Tales 97 Yowies Lost Kingdoms Tasmaniosaurus”

Vault tales 63 Yowies Forgotten Friends Aurochs

Who makes it? This is from the last series of original Yowies figures from Australia, the Series 9, Forgotten Friends B. The Aurochs is number 29 in the set. When did it come out? I can’t find the exact year, but I think it was about 2002 or so. It wasn’t out for very long.Continue reading “Vault tales 63 Yowies Forgotten Friends Aurochs”