Vault Tales 220 Clades – Macronychoptera

Today, I’m going to tackle another one of these ‘clades’, or really more of a ‘grade’. In this case, a group among one of the most popular and well-known prehistoric reptiles, the pterosaurs. As a group, it’s probably one of the most distinctive…it’s reptiles, specifically archosaurs, that are evolved to fly. It’s hard to sayContinue reading “Vault Tales 220 Clades – Macronychoptera”

Vault Tales 219 FigureFrenzy Cockatoo, Coyote, Eel, Goblin shark, Wakaleo

Back to a randomized figure frenzy. And this one is very, very random! A lot of these will also be pretty quick…sometimes there just isn’t much to say… Safari Ltd toob Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo First up we have a Sulfur-Crested cockatoo from Safari toobs. It has actually shown up in at least two toobs. The firstContinue reading “Vault Tales 219 FigureFrenzy Cockatoo, Coyote, Eel, Goblin shark, Wakaleo”

Vault Tales 218 Shapeways 1:20 Champsosaurus

So today is going to be a bit of a set, and at the same time a review of a single figure. Because it’s only available that way (like getting multiple copies of the same figure, maybe in different poses…like this Eryops) . But this time, it’s a variety of Champsosaurus from Shapeways, at 1:20Continue reading “Vault Tales 218 Shapeways 1:20 Champsosaurus”

Vault Tales 217 Run the Set Lido Nabisco Prehistoric Mammals

Today is a more classic vintage set–a series of plastic prehistoric mammals! Featuring some very, very unusual species (and a few expected familiar ones). As was kind of common in the 1950s and 1960s, these were giveaways with Nabisco cereals. Sets of monochromatic animal figures of various themes and sources were not uncommon (Marx andContinue reading “Vault Tales 217 Run the Set Lido Nabisco Prehistoric Mammals”

Vault Tales 216 Run the Set Wild Republic Bouncy Ball Sharks

So weird set today–and proof that amazing figures and sets can come from very, very dumb places. I am sure that most people are familiar with Wild Republic–their merch is ubiquitous in shops at zoos, aquariums, museums and science centres…and has also infiltrated regular toy shops and ‘impulse’ toy sections in other stores. These days,Continue reading “Vault Tales 216 Run the Set Wild Republic Bouncy Ball Sharks”