FigureFocus 301 CollectA Elasmosaurus

I’m going to take a quick look at one of my more recent figures today, and easily one of my hidden favorites–the recent CollectA Elasmosaurus from their standard figures line. It may be from the ‘standard’ or popular series, but it has the quality of a deluxe to me. The figure was released in summerContinue reading “FigureFocus 301 CollectA Elasmosaurus”

Vault Tales 273 FigureFrenzy Marmot, Velociraptor, Giant cheetah, Wild ass

Another very random batch. Minis. Metals. Mammals. Just more randomness. Schleich Minis Marmot We’re going to start small, with this mini Alpine Marmot from the old Schleich mini series series, number 10074. This was a decent set, first produced in 1965, and then discontinued completely in 2005 (although not sure what the time frame wasContinue reading “Vault Tales 273 FigureFrenzy Marmot, Velociraptor, Giant cheetah, Wild ass”

Vault Tales 267 FigureFrenzy Smilodon, Alphadon, Macrauchenia, Hyena

Time to look at a random group of mammal figures. Most are prehistoric, and one is just really old! Old as in, the figure is relatively old (early half of 19th century) as opposed to representing really old animals…that were made more recently (in every case, really recently–like last 10 years recent). Anyway, let’s getContinue reading “Vault Tales 267 FigureFrenzy Smilodon, Alphadon, Macrauchenia, Hyena”

Vault Tales 262 CollectA Dimetrodon

Another look at another great figure! This time, we’re going to a relative of the mammals from the Permian. This is a sort of recent one, the CollectA Dimetrodon from their Deluxe 1:20 collection. Released in 2018 as item number 88822. As has become a bit of an industry standard, this figure of course includesContinue reading “Vault Tales 262 CollectA Dimetrodon”

Vault Tales 240 Run the Set CollectA Prehistoric Marine Animals MiniBox

Staying with the sets, although this is the first one in some time that isn’t Japanese! It’s a more recent one from CollectA, the Prehistoric Marine mini box. CollectA item number A1104, it was released in 2017. It was super exciting when CollectA first announced they would release mini boxes. It was even more excitingContinue reading “Vault Tales 240 Run the Set CollectA Prehistoric Marine Animals MiniBox”