FigureFocus 301 CollectA Elasmosaurus

I’m going to take a quick look at one of my more recent figures today, and easily one of my hidden favorites–the recent CollectA Elasmosaurus from their standard figures line. It may be from the ‘standard’ or popular series, but it has the quality of a deluxe to me. The figure was released in summerContinue reading “FigureFocus 301 CollectA Elasmosaurus”

Vault tales 156 Run the Set Play Visions Prehistoric Reptiles

Okay, so here’s a Run the Set for one of those sets that lots of collectors know about, and everybody wants…but can prove difficult to actually get anymore. It’s the Play Visions Prehistoric Marine Reptiles (aka Marine Dinosaurs…ugh) set, from 1998 and discontinued soon after. Play Visions was noteworthy at the time…and notorious now…for theirContinue reading “Vault tales 156 Run the Set Play Visions Prehistoric Reptiles”

Vault tales 80 Kaiyodo Dinotales Elasmosaurus

Who makes it? Kaiyodo Dinotales, part of the 7th series. The Elasmosaurus is number 117A–the brown colour one. I think 117B is purple, but I only got one! When did it come out? I feel like it was around 2008 but I can’t exactly remember. Still available? As with all Dinotales, these were limited inContinue reading “Vault tales 80 Kaiyodo Dinotales Elasmosaurus”

Vault tales 59 Play Visions Elasmosaurus

Who makes it? Play Visions, as part of their classic Prehistoric Marine Reptiles series. The elasmosaur is number 6 if you’re curious. When did it come out? The figure is stamped 1998 so…1998? Still available? As with other excellent marine reptile sets, this one is discontinued. It has been for some time now. It hasContinue reading “Vault tales 59 Play Visions Elasmosaurus”