Vault Tales 240 Run the Set CollectA Prehistoric Marine Animals MiniBox

Staying with the sets, although this is the first one in some time that isn’t Japanese! It’s a more recent one from CollectA, the Prehistoric Marine mini box. CollectA item number A1104, it was released in 2017. It was super exciting when CollectA first announced they would release mini boxes. It was even more excitingContinue reading “Vault Tales 240 Run the Set CollectA Prehistoric Marine Animals MiniBox”

Vault Tales 7 FaunaCasts Leedsichthys

Who makes it? Malcolm Mlodoch, an exhibit designer and modeler, for his FaunaCasts models series. He started them as a collector-directed line from the Dinosaur Toy Forum–a site that I am sure I will reference many times here. When did it come out? Complicated question. The first pictures were seen in 2010-2011. I ordered mineContinue reading “Vault Tales 7 FaunaCasts Leedsichthys”