Vault Tales 246 FigureFrenzy Bat, Horse, Smilodon, Megaloceros, Theropoda

More randomness…including what might be my first accidental repeat of a figure! Considering how many I’ve done, I’m surprised I haven’t done it before (or at least, didn’t catch it before I had everything together!) I’ll put a different spin on it I guess…it did throw off the otherwise ‘mammals only’ theme for the postContinue reading “Vault Tales 246 FigureFrenzy Bat, Horse, Smilodon, Megaloceros, Theropoda”

Vault Tales 217 Run the Set Lido Nabisco Prehistoric Mammals

Today is a more classic vintage set–a series of plastic prehistoric mammals! Featuring some very, very unusual species (and a few expected familiar ones). As was kind of common in the 1950s and 1960s, these were giveaways with Nabisco cereals. Sets of monochromatic animal figures of various themes and sources were not uncommon (Marx andContinue reading “Vault Tales 217 Run the Set Lido Nabisco Prehistoric Mammals”

Vault Tales 187 FigureFrenzy Nasutoceratops, Uintatherium, Dunkleosteus, Smilodon

New Figure Frenzy, with a bunch of larger figures! Interestingly, we’re going to hit the three geologic eras (and the kind of fourth, based on the original breakdown into four). But I’m not going to do them in geologic order since…I just am not. Three of them are excellent models from excellent companies. One ofContinue reading “Vault Tales 187 FigureFrenzy Nasutoceratops, Uintatherium, Dunkleosteus, Smilodon”

Vault Tales 167 CollectA Smilodon

Here we have today’s VaultTale, just a single figure–the standard-collection Smilodon figure from CollectA. This figure was the second Smilodon released by CollectA for their standard collection, in 2015 as item number 88715. The previous model, available from 2009-2016, was…a much weaker figure (I had it once, but no longer). As far as prehistoric mammalsContinue reading “Vault Tales 167 CollectA Smilodon”

Vault Tales 122 Schleich Smilodon

Ah, Schleich. For a company that was so integral to my collecting, for so long, you’d think it would have come up more. Alas, it has not–possibly because I have found new homes for the vast majority of what I once had. Interestingly, I have discussed another figure from this particular line before, the GiantContinue reading “Vault Tales 122 Schleich Smilodon”