Vault Tales 240 Run the Set CollectA Prehistoric Marine Animals MiniBox

Staying with the sets, although this is the first one in some time that isn’t Japanese! It’s a more recent one from CollectA, the Prehistoric Marine mini box. CollectA item number A1104, it was released in 2017. It was super exciting when CollectA first announced they would release mini boxes. It was even more excitingContinue reading “Vault Tales 240 Run the Set CollectA Prehistoric Marine Animals MiniBox”

Vault tales 112 – Clades – Pliosaurs

So we are back with another Clades discussion–one that, unlike other clades posts, does not even begin to cover all of the possible figures out there! That’s right, the predatory beast of Jurassic and early Cretaceous (maybe late Triassic?) seas, the Pliosaurs (properly, the Pliosauroidea…) These animals are famous in books and documentaries for beingContinue reading “Vault tales 112 – Clades – Pliosaurs”