FigureFocus 317 Acheson Primeval Designs Spotted Hyena

Time to look at yet another Hyena figure from the collection! Yeah…I have many. It’s a thing! This time it’s a small clan of metal Spotted Hyenas from Acheson Creations’ Primeval Designs series. As with a few other figures from the series that I’ve looked at before, these are the metal (pewter) figures, being smallerContinue reading “FigureFocus 317 Acheson Primeval Designs Spotted Hyena”

FigureFocus 314 Play Visions Striped Hyena

Here’s one of those figures that I was very excited to get when they first came out, and I still have a lot of them from those days! I am speaking of the Play Visions Striped Hyena figure, one of eight figures in the Wild Dogs bin figures series. And yes, first off–it isn’t aContinue reading “FigureFocus 314 Play Visions Striped Hyena”

Vault Tales 277 Run the Set Safari Ltd South African Animals toob

It’s time to look at a set today–toob from Safari Ltd. This one is the South African animals toob, released in 2020 under number 100409. It kind of snuck by me somehow when it first came out, but I was fortunately reminded about it, and able to get it fairly quickly. At least Safari isContinue reading “Vault Tales 277 Run the Set Safari Ltd South African Animals toob”


So today is Christmas day–which means that the whole family is here! The extended family is here now! Day twelve can be found here. The tag for the whole set will be here. On Fishmas day itself cladistics gave to me… Twelve Eupercaria! Eleven fish near the top Ten Syngnatharia+Pelagiaria Nine Percomorpha Eight basal NeoteleostsContinue reading “FISHMAS DAY!”

Vault Tales 267 FigureFrenzy Smilodon, Alphadon, Macrauchenia, Hyena

Time to look at a random group of mammal figures. Most are prehistoric, and one is just really old! Old as in, the figure is relatively old (early half of 19th century) as opposed to representing really old animals…that were made more recently (in every case, really recently–like last 10 years recent). Anyway, let’s getContinue reading “Vault Tales 267 FigureFrenzy Smilodon, Alphadon, Macrauchenia, Hyena”