Vault Tales 182 FigureFrenzy Hyena, Spinosaurus, Polar bear, Sea turtles, Sasquatch

So I decided to change things up a little, as mentioned at the end of my last post. It felt like it would be more fun to do more figures, with shorter discussions. Unless, of course, it warrants more discussion. So I’m labelling these FigureFrenzies! Lots of fun stuff (I hope). Let’s do this! PaniniContinue reading “Vault Tales 182 FigureFrenzy Hyena, Spinosaurus, Polar bear, Sea turtles, Sasquatch”

Vault Tales 3 Bandai Spotted Hyena standing

Who makes it? Bandai, as part of a World Natural Animals capsule series of African animals. Most were paired mother & young, or a family trio. The hyena set is two adults; the pictured one is the standing adult (the other one is sitting in a decidedly not-hyena like pose). They don’t give product numbersContinue reading “Vault Tales 3 Bandai Spotted Hyena standing”

Vault Tales 2 Schleich Spotted Hyena 2005

Who makes it? Schleich, as part of their African animals back when they were a larger part of my collection, if not my outright main company. This version lightened up the paint job to more brown than orange. It was released using product number 14347. When did it come out? Many years ago‚Ķmany! Around 2005Continue reading “Vault Tales 2 Schleich Spotted Hyena 2005”