FigureFocus 301 CollectA Elasmosaurus

I’m going to take a quick look at one of my more recent figures today, and easily one of my hidden favorites–the recent CollectA Elasmosaurus from their standard figures line. It may be from the ‘standard’ or popular series, but it has the quality of a deluxe to me. The figure was released in summer 2021, so very recent, as number 88922.

This was an addition that took a while to hit the collection, partially because CollectA isn’t particularly available in Canada. And partially, it just took so long to come into stock anywhere–as seems to be my tradition, it came from Mini Zoo in Australia! But absolutely worth it. I have the pair of the other ‘popular’ line long-necked plesiosaurs (Hydrotherosaurus, Atteborosaurus) but there have been some massive improvements in this one. Definitely worthy of some shelf space!

The figure is an incredible sculpt, with all kinds of detail. Lots of little folds around the neck and throat, and they even have the ear sculpted an painted. Speaking of painting, I really love the paint design–the brownish spotted pattern looks like something that might be expected in muddy shallows or murky waters. The highlights around the paddles are an excellent touch in the design. Great design for a huge aquatic predator looking for small fish to eat! Such an active figure, but realistically posed–just a little sway to the neck, but no major curves.

If I hadn’t made it clear, this model is an absolute must for a collection. This is CollectA at their best, above and beyond what the series name ‘POPULAR’ might mean (relative to DELUXE). Honestly, this figure is a beauty, and between the scale and the design it feels like it could be a deluxe. Fortunately, it has been released recently and is (more or less) widely available. I actually keep mine displayed using the acrylic stand in the photos–it deserves that lifted swimming style (they’re easily found on the usual online retailers, and very useful). If you haven’t already, definitely get this one.

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