Vault Tales 168 CollectA Deluxe Carcharodontosaurus

Keeping with this week’s incidental them of prehistoric CollectA figures, today we have one of the big deluxe dinosaurs. Specifically, the 2014-released Carcharodontosaurus, item number 88642. This is a big figure, which is fitting given that Carcharodontosaurus was a big predator of Cretaceous North Africa (possibly longer than the might T. rex!) and really makesContinue reading “Vault Tales 168 CollectA Deluxe Carcharodontosaurus”

Vault Tales 167 CollectA Smilodon

Here we have today’s VaultTale, just a single figure–the standard-collection Smilodon figure from CollectA. This figure was the second Smilodon released by CollectA for their standard collection, in 2015 as item number 88715. The previous model, available from 2009-2016, was…a much weaker figure (I had it once, but no longer). As far as prehistoric mammalsContinue reading “Vault Tales 167 CollectA Smilodon”

Vault Tales 129 ToyTrio Housecat, Brachiosaurus & Mammoth pair

A ToyTrio today and it’s…diverse. Again. Which is probably an accurate reflection of the animal figures in the house to be honest. I’m going to just jump right in. CollectA Mini Box Dinosaurs 2 Brachiosaurus Here we have another figure from a CollectA Mini Dinosaurs box. Set 2 this time (I did an full RunContinue reading “Vault Tales 129 ToyTrio Housecat, Brachiosaurus & Mammoth pair”

Vault tales 112 – Clades – Pliosaurs

So we are back with another Clades discussion–one that, unlike other clades posts, does not even begin to cover all of the possible figures out there! That’s right, the predatory beast of Jurassic and early Cretaceous (maybe late Triassic?) seas, the Pliosaurs (properly, the Pliosauroidea…) These animals are famous in books and documentaries for beingContinue reading “Vault tales 112 – Clades – Pliosaurs”

Vault Tales 110 CollectA Uintatherium

Today we are going to look at a single figure (I know, it’s been a while!), the recent CollectA Uintatherium from their Deluxe prehistoric mammals line. It is number 88800 in their series, and was released in 2017, although I don’t think I actually purchased mine until…2019? Not fully sure what the delay was. ProbablyContinue reading “Vault Tales 110 CollectA Uintatherium”