Vault Tales 267 FigureFrenzy Smilodon, Alphadon, Macrauchenia, Hyena

Time to look at a random group of mammal figures. Most are prehistoric, and one is just really old! Old as in, the figure is relatively old (early half of 19th century) as opposed to representing really old animals…that were made more recently (in every case, really recently–like last 10 years recent). Anyway, let’s getContinue reading “Vault Tales 267 FigureFrenzy Smilodon, Alphadon, Macrauchenia, Hyena”

Vault tales 50 Elastolin Northern Pike

Who makes it? This northern pike figure is from Elastolin, part of their Aquatic Animals line When did it come out? It is apparently from the 70s. Although I obtained it much more recently. Still available? From what I can tell, somehow, yes! There is a German site that claims to have original 70s onesContinue reading “Vault tales 50 Elastolin Northern Pike”