FigureFrenzy 296 Acrocanthosaurus, Redfin, Sea Lion, Wolverine

We’re going all over the place today! The only thing that unites them is that I have them all…let’s go!

Nayab/FUL/Lontic Sea Lions

First off, we have a trio of small Sea Lion figures from the usual general-purpose company of Nayab/Lontic/FUL whatever maker/distributor it is. Once again, we have a a large and small set, although interestingly, there are two distinct ones in the small set. Perhaps more interesting, the small ones are both clearly sea lions, but different enough. Maybe one is a Steller’s and one is a California sea lion? Or, possibly, a male and a female. The large one is pretty clearly a big male, probably a Steller’s Sea lion. Put together, these three can make a kind of small group on shore perhaps? They are painted very simply…not sure how orange they really are…but the sculpts are decent. As with most of these, they continue to show up in a variety of sets and bins, so probably not hard to find if you’re interested.

Playmates Dinosaur King Super Alpha Acrocanthosaurus

Then we have another Dinosaur King figure from Playmates, part of the Series 2 release. This one is not just an Acrocanthosaurus, but the SUPER ALPHA ACROCANTHOSAURUS! Being part of a game from Japan, there are of course some similarities to many of the other collection/comics type properties. This includes having some characters that have ‘super’ versions, and this Acrocanthosaurus is representative of one of those. It is pretty neat looking, and very distinct from the ‘normal’ one that was released in the first series (a brown and yellow pattern). The sculpt is fine, although the tail seems pretty short. As a character-type figure, it’s pretty decent. Not the best Acrocanthosaurus figure out there, and this same colour scheme has been made for a number of the other Dinosaur King figures and toys. That’s good, because these Playmates ones are very, very hard to find now.

Colorata Big-Scale Redfin AKA Ugui

Now a neat fish figure, the Ugui or Big-Scale Redfin from the ORIGINAL Colorata River Life Real Figure box. This is one of the first full boxes I was able to get, but from one I can tell, it may have been among the first sets released. Unlike any of the other Colorata figures I am aware of, this model is labelled only with the Japanese name (Ugui) and the information booklet is much more simplified, and again, only in Japanese kanji. The only ways I could work out what they were was that the Latin binomial names were legible for me! The figures are relatively large, and with a great amount of detail and expertly applied paint. Plus, they come on nice little bases, so they display well. The bad news is that this original set was discontinued quite a while ago. The good news is that the set was reissued with updated sculpts and models…although it did cut out the amphibian figures that were originally included (want to see the salamander? I wrote about it on another blog at this link). I highly recommend the River Life set from Colorata, and if you can get your hands on the older one, do it!

MojoFUN Wolverine

And to close out, a fantastic Wolverine figure, an early model from MojoFUN. Released in 2012 as item 387146, this model was originally part of the Woodland series. Of the many wolverine figures that are or were available, this one may have among the most personality. The face has been lovely detailed to give it such an alert and intelligent expression. The rest of the model is also expertly sculpted, giving a powerful, shaggy appearance. And the paint job is just right for capturing the distinctive pattern most familiar to people. I did only just learn that the figure has been discontinued since 2018, which is actually pretty disappointing. There are other wolverine figures, of course, but I would certainly recommend adding this one to a search list. It’s a great model!

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