FigureFrenzy 300 Allosaurus, Anteater, Pantylus, Penguin

Been a bit distracted lately, but catching right back up…once again, with a very random assortment. Very. Broad range of quality, style, and taxonomy. Jurassic World FK mini Allosaurus (Walmart) So we’ll start with another mini figure from the Walmart Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom multi-pack (a few others can be seen here). This time it’s theContinue reading “FigureFrenzy 300 Allosaurus, Anteater, Pantylus, Penguin”

FigureTales 287 – Clades – Cladistia

We’re looking at a clade again today, and as far as clades go…I have been excited and dreading it all at the same time. As the title says, it is the crown group Cladistia, which includes the modern bichirs and reedfish and their fossil relatives. I’m excited because as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, bichirsContinue reading “FigureTales 287 – Clades – Cladistia”

Vault Tales 285 Run the Set Kaiyodo National Museum of Nature & Science

It’ll be a quick look at the figures I have from a set today–two thirds of which I looked at in greater detail once before (when I apparently changed my format!) But always great to look at the history a bit more. As said before, the series was released as a gashapon set in orContinue reading “Vault Tales 285 Run the Set Kaiyodo National Museum of Nature & Science”

FigureFrenzy 276 Brachiosaurus, Spiny terrapin, Sand tiger shark, Caecillian

Let’s look at another weird range of figures. One of them isn’t much to look at–but how often do we see caecillian figures? Almost never to be exact. Kaiyodo Dinotales Series 2 Brachiosaurus First up, another of the great Dinotales figures, specifically the Brachiosaurus from series 2, number 27. There is not a lot toContinue reading “FigureFrenzy 276 Brachiosaurus, Spiny terrapin, Sand tiger shark, Caecillian”

Vault Tales 268 FigureFrenzy Ichthyosaurus, Opabinia, Ammonite, Stethacanthus

All prehistoric! All aquatic! All kinds of different taxonomic groups. And wildly diffefrent companies. Just a small glimpse of the range of figures I have I guess. Dinotales Series 2 Ichthyosaurus We’ll start with a figure from a series that, of course, I’ve looked at many times before, from Kaiyodo Dinotales series 2. In thisContinue reading “Vault Tales 268 FigureFrenzy Ichthyosaurus, Opabinia, Ammonite, Stethacanthus”