Vault Tales 177 ToyTrio Goblin shark, Spinosaurus, Basking Shark

Another weird assortment today. Honestly, I’m going to keep these short. Not that they’re not good figures in their ways, but sometimes there isn’t much to say. Learning Curve “Dinosaur Train” The Old Spinosaurus First up, another Dinosaur Train figure from Takara. This time, it’s their take on Spinosaurus from an episode called “The OldContinue reading “Vault Tales 177 ToyTrio Goblin shark, Spinosaurus, Basking Shark”

Vault Tales 175 Run the Set Kaiyodo DinoExpo 2002

Today will be another set, this one featuring a fine set from Kaiyodo–their models made as souvenirs for DinoExpo 2002! This was when the figures were still part of the Chocola Saurs brand, partnered within the UHA lines. Except, for the DinoExpo sets, they would pull out a few stops. In later years, the modelsContinue reading “Vault Tales 175 Run the Set Kaiyodo DinoExpo 2002”

Vault tales 174 – Clades – Eryopiformes

We’re back and with another ‘Clades’ post. This time, it will be a paraphyletic one, ‘Eryopiformes’. This is a crown group of the Temnospondyls, and as the name implies, it consists of the famous big ‘amphibian’ Eryops, but also the rest of the ‘Stereospondyls’–and this group may also include the Gymnophiona, the modern caecillians! AsContinue reading “Vault tales 174 – Clades – Eryopiformes”

Vault Tales 170 ToyTrio Cretoxyrhina, Dragon Moray, Dolly Varden

We’ve got another trio of figures for this week, and we’re going fully aquatic again! And all featuring figures that have stories behind them, for very different reasons. Let’s go swimming! Safari Ltd. Prehistoric Sharks toob Cretoxyrhina First up we have another figure from the sadly discontinued Safari Ltd Prehistoric Sharks toob, this time theContinue reading “Vault Tales 170 ToyTrio Cretoxyrhina, Dragon Moray, Dolly Varden”

Vault Tales 166 ToyTrio Huayangosaurus, Cave Bear, Thylacine

Today we will look at three very different figures, all of extinct animals. After that…they’re all completely different from each other. Even a variety of materials! Kaiyodo Lawson Dinotales Series 7 Huayangosaurus Our first figure today is from the last Kaiyodo Dinotales series, series 7, released as a Lawson series. As with the fifth andContinue reading “Vault Tales 166 ToyTrio Huayangosaurus, Cave Bear, Thylacine”