Vault tales 162 Run the Set Agatsuma Strange Predators

Well here we have another Run the Set and as the name suggests, it is strange. From a Japanese company (of course) called Agatsuma Entertainment, they apparently are mostly a company that makes character merchandise. But for whatever reason, in 2011 or so they decided to create a set of (almost) entirely aquatic predators. ButContinue reading “Vault tales 162 Run the Set Agatsuma Strange Predators”

Vault Tales 161 Safari Ltd Shringasaurus

And here we are, with another single figure post. And again, it’s because the figure is very notable. This time, because the figure is brand new this year, and features an animal so unusual, I’m surprised it got made by one of the major companies. I am speaking about the Safari Ltd Shringasaurus released inContinue reading “Vault Tales 161 Safari Ltd Shringasaurus”

Vault tales Run the Set 132 Innovative Kids Groovy Tubes Raging Reptiles

So two Innovative Kids Groovy Tubes set in one week…sometimes the Random Number Generator doesn’t seem so random…Anyway, kind of exciting to finally get to one of the animal sets. This is actually the first one that I saw in a store, and couldn’t believe some of the animals inside. There were some that IContinue reading “Vault tales Run the Set 132 Innovative Kids Groovy Tubes Raging Reptiles”

Vault Tales 114 ToyTrio Liopleurodon, Water Monitor, Rhino Iguana

This one is a new Toy Trio, a model I’ve used only once before. A chance to look quickly at a few figures that were picked by the Random Number Generator, but might not warrant a full on post on their own. It’s also a chance to work through the list a little faster…there’s aboutContinue reading “Vault Tales 114 ToyTrio Liopleurodon, Water Monitor, Rhino Iguana”

Vault Tales 99 Safari toob Champsosaurus

We’re going to look at one of the oddest figures in an odd toob today, from Safari’s Prehistoric Crocodiles toob (item number 679804). Strange because it’s not really a crocodile at all, and strange because they’re such weird animals overall! I am speaking of course of the choristodere Champsosaurus, one of 10 figures in theContinue reading “Vault Tales 99 Safari toob Champsosaurus”