FigureFrenzy 300 Allosaurus, Anteater, Pantylus, Penguin

Been a bit distracted lately, but catching right back up…once again, with a very random assortment. Very. Broad range of quality, style, and taxonomy. Jurassic World FK mini Allosaurus (Walmart) So we’ll start with another mini figure from the Walmart Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom multi-pack (a few others can be seen here). This time it’s theContinue reading “FigureFrenzy 300 Allosaurus, Anteater, Pantylus, Penguin”

Vault Tales 257 FigureFrenzy Anteater, Hatchetfish, Velociraptor, Allosaurus, Salamander

Another figure frenzy today, all over the place again! Dinosaurs and fish and amphibians! I’m a little late with it, so I’m going to be brief here! Safari Ltd South American toob Giant Anteater I only just discussed the Capybara from the Safari South American toob, and already, a week later, here we are withContinue reading “Vault Tales 257 FigureFrenzy Anteater, Hatchetfish, Velociraptor, Allosaurus, Salamander”

Vault tales 202 – Clades – Pilosa

It’s another Clades post! This time a more stem-group clade, looking at one group within the mammal group Xenarthra. The name of the group Xenarthra refers to the unusual joints in their vertebrae. They generally have reduced dentition, and likely evolved as digging or burrowing instect eaters. As a group, xenarthrans are a group foundContinue reading “Vault tales 202 – Clades – Pilosa”