Vault Tales Run the Set 124 Safari Dinosaur Skulls TOOB

We’re back with yet another Run the Set, this time the Safari Ltd Dinosaur Skulls toob. You may recall way back near the beginning of this blog I wrote an individual post about just one of the skulls, the Brachiosaurus skull. Back when I thought it was a good idea to write a single, individualContinue reading “Vault Tales Run the Set 124 Safari Dinosaur Skulls TOOB”

Vault Tales Run the Set 101 Safari Mammal Skulls toob

So we’re back with another Run the Set again, heading for a second hundred posts! After writing up the last one I really like the way that format worked especially for these kinds of picture-heavy posts. So I am going to go with this kind of format. The thumbnail galleries and small pictures look betterContinue reading “Vault Tales Run the Set 101 Safari Mammal Skulls toob”

Vault tales 42 Kaiyodo Dinotales Series 2 Smilodon Skull

Who makes it? Kaiyodo Dinotales, Series 2. Number 48 (the series were numbered continuously–this skull would have been the 24th in the second series) When did it come out? Pretty close to 2000 Still available? Nope. These sets were available as blind box prizes with (terrible) candy for less than a year at a time.Continue reading “Vault tales 42 Kaiyodo Dinotales Series 2 Smilodon Skull”

Vault tales 34 Safari Toob Brachiosaurus skull

Who makes it? It’s one of the model in the Safari Ltd Dinosaur skulls toob. Item number 687404 When did it come out? It was first released in 2009. Later in 2011, they released figures in a bulk bag. I have ones from both the toob and the bulk bag. They’re the same figure. StillContinue reading “Vault tales 34 Safari Toob Brachiosaurus skull”

Vault Tales 8 Kaiyodo JPIII Spinosaurus Skull

Who makes it? Kaiyodo as the ‘chase’ figure for their Coca-Cola/JPIII tie in series. As a chase figure, they don’t always have numbers in the series, just SP When did it come out? With JPIII so…2001? Still available? Probably, on the after market sales and auctions. Like mine…they were only sold with Coke products whenContinue reading “Vault Tales 8 Kaiyodo JPIII Spinosaurus Skull”