FigureFrenzy 300 Allosaurus, Anteater, Pantylus, Penguin

Been a bit distracted lately, but catching right back up…once again, with a very random assortment. Very. Broad range of quality, style, and taxonomy. Jurassic World FK mini Allosaurus (Walmart) So we’ll start with another mini figure from the Walmart Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom multi-pack (a few others can be seen here). This time it’s theContinue reading “FigureFrenzy 300 Allosaurus, Anteater, Pantylus, Penguin”

Vault Tales 236 Run the Set Kaiyodo Series 10 Sunshine Aquarium

Another short look at what I have from a Japanese set. This time revisiting a Kaiyodo Capsule Aquarium one, the Sunshine Aquarium set. I only have a few but of course they’re fantastic models. This is of course a series of capsule figures released as a promotion for aquaria–as the name states, the Sunshine Aquarium.Continue reading “Vault Tales 236 Run the Set Kaiyodo Series 10 Sunshine Aquarium”

Vault Tales 95 Kaiyodo Capsule Aquarium Bronze Whaler Shark

I am once again revisiting a figure from Kaiyodo (a company that has come up in this blog many times already), but I think this is the first one from the Capsule Aquarium series (I did discuss the tiger shark before, but it’s from the CapsuleQ line). The Capsule Aquarium sets, if I understand correctly,Continue reading “Vault Tales 95 Kaiyodo Capsule Aquarium Bronze Whaler Shark”