FigureFocus 323 Playmates Dinosaur King Ceratosaurus

Another look at a figure from the Dinosaur King series, this time another one from series one. This one is the Ceratosaurus figure from the series. At this point I’ve written about so many of these figures, and yet there’s always so many more, it’s hard to have more to say! This one stands out by its very, very blue colour and kind of derpy face.

One of the most notable things about this figure is that the figure isn’t painted with the common trope usually seen in Ceratosaurus, with light body and red head. So that’s something. The body is overall kind of shortened, as many of these figures tend to be. And let’s not go into those bunny hands (but at least the correct number of fingers…) As with most of these Playmates figures, it’s of course based on their video game/show/cards etc, and does an admirable job of representing these. Being from series 1 it’s a on the larger side of the figures, and is among the larger of the figures in the set overall.

I’ve repeated it many times, but these figures were ridiculous to try and get, especially outside Europe. As it is, I think I got all of my series 1 from UK eBay auctions (the series 2 came from Spain I think). While not greatest models, they’re overall kind of fun, and I am glad to have as many as I could. They also weren’t available for that long, which also limited their availability. From what I can tell, they are sporadically still available in auctions and such, but it’s hard to tell what is actually out there (although series one does seem to dominate last I looked). Interesting pop culture dino models if you get the chance to get them, but I wouldn’t recommend stressing about it too much!

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