FigureFocus 322 ForCorporation Churaumi Aquarium Whale Shark

Time to look at another one of those less common gashapon figures from a less common company. This is one from a company called ForCorporation, and while I’m sure they do other things, I am familiar with them as makers of aquarium capsule figures. While some of them have come into my collection (or atContinue reading “FigureFocus 322 ForCorporation Churaumi Aquarium Whale Shark”

FigureFocus 316 Kaiyodo ChocoEgg Classic Shrew Mole

Yet another Kaiyodo ChocoEgg figure today, but a very different sort. A very small mammal figure, another one of those great ones that you could only find from the original Furuta ChocoEgg Animaltales set. Except, in this case, it’s a re-release–because in or around 2003 ChocoEgg produced a short series of ‘Classic’ models–twenty-four figures thatContinue reading “FigureFocus 316 Kaiyodo ChocoEgg Classic Shrew Mole”

FigureFocus 315 Kaiyodo ChocoEgg Japanese Giant Salamander

I’m going to look at another Kaiyodo ChocoEgg figure today, not surprising since I have so many of them! This is one from the very first Furuta Animaltales series, the one that kicked it all off! The first several series was, I think, entirely focused on Japanese fauna, which was fantastic for those of usContinue reading “FigureFocus 315 Kaiyodo ChocoEgg Japanese Giant Salamander”

Vault Tales 272 Run the Set Takara Monster Fish

More fish this week, this time ostensibly a ‘set’ but really just two different versions of the same figure, from the same series. In recent years Takara has started releasing small gashapon sets of figures, usually 3 to five figures, a little larger than more familiar Kaiyodo, Yujin, and similar models. Most are in aContinue reading “Vault Tales 272 Run the Set Takara Monster Fish”