FigureFocus 306 Kaiyodo Dinotales Carnotaurus

Time to look at another small Kaiyodo dinosaur figure. This time, it is from the classic and beloved Dinotales figures. This one is from series 5, after Kaiyodo had split from UHA and moved over to being collected with CC (a drink company…I think). This was the only time Dinotales collaborated with CC. As an aside, it’s weird to to consider–these amazing, museum-quality small figures were essentially prizes with the purchase of candy or drinks (this is the big change with the current CapsuleQ, Capsule Museum, and Capsule Aquarium sets, which are…capsules…). Nothing like that is done anymore (Yowies came close…and Kinder Surprise are nowhere near the quality). Series 5 is notable for being the first Dinotales line that included two different paint versions of each figure; series 5 refers to these as A and B. Series B also ties with series 7 (a collaboration with Lawson) for the fewest number of models, at only 10 (plus maybe a chase? I can’t definitively find it, but I don’t think so).

The model being looked at here is the Carnotaurus from line A, a figure noted for a more elaborate black-and-brown body with a red head…which, yes, continues the trope of Carnotaurus with dark body and read head (it’s a whole thing, the internet mentions it in many places). The line B is a more flat brown (so, less common but kind of dull). This model is easily one of the most dynamic Dinotales figures made. It is depicted on a base next to a carcass, posed on one just one foot–so the base is necessary for balance. It has the appearance of either protecting the carcass, or chasing off the precious owner. The animal is also painted with expert care–lots of detail and colour splash. One thing is that the arms look a little large, and too functional! But for the time, it was a fantastic depiction.

As with all Dinotales, this Carnotaurus is of course out of production and, given that it is a late-period series, not as easily found. Not impossible though. One thing that might be interesting, giving that some details (like the arms) would be a revisit of the animal and guess what? Several years later, Kaiyodo would take on Carnotaurus again with the Capsule-Q Dinosaur Discovery 7 series–and, indeed, the arms are more properly tinier, and useless looking (!). And the paint scheme is kind different than either CC Dinotales figure, kind of a blend between the two (and no red head trope). Also out of production–but more recent, and probably more attainable. I definitely recommend trying to add one or more of these figures to a collection; I will never not recommend Dinotales figures (or Kaiyodo Capsule figures). Go find one! Or more!

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