Vault Tales 123 ToyTrio Doedicurus, Tarsier, Daspletosaurus

Today is another Toy Trio, this time featuring a really…really…weird assortment. I suppose if we want to connect them, they all have a Japanese origin of some kind? Let’s go with that. Kaiyodo Dinotales S6 Doedicurus Our first stop is another excellent little figure from the Kaiyodo Dinotales series. This Doedicurus figure is number 102Continue reading “Vault Tales 123 ToyTrio Doedicurus, Tarsier, Daspletosaurus”

Vault tales 86 Furuta ChocoEgg Series 6 Meerkat

Who makes it? Made for the Furuta ChocoEgg series 6, I think by Takara. Number 24 in the set. When did it come out? It was released in 2002. Still available? Like many of these sets, these were available as short promotions. So no, not available (new) anymore. Where can it be found in myContinue reading “Vault tales 86 Furuta ChocoEgg Series 6 Meerkat”