Vault Tales 1 Safari Ltd Psittacosaurus

Who makes it? Safari Ltd as part of their Prehistoric World series (formerly WS Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Life, previously WS Dinos). Item number is 304229

The Wild Safari Psittacosaurus

When did it come out? Last year 2018

Still available? Pretty sure yes.

Where can it be found in my displays? The upper glass cabinets 0BESTA-TOP

How does it fit in the collection? Loosely at best. There are certain types of animals that I collect and…this one fits in as a dinosaur. As a group I don’t tend to collect them all (and as more and more come out, I try to be more selective). But I enjoy Safari figures, and had easy access, and it looks good!

Any story behind it? Not really. It was part of the last wave of Safari figures brought into the store. I like the sculpt and balance, so I have one now.

The old story of a boy and his weird dinosaur

Notable remarks about this figure (a review that isn’t really a review): As I’ve alluded to, I really do like the overall look and design of this figure. It balances well as a biped, and the colour scheme is appealing and possibly inspired by pattern studies from 2016 with some flourishes. If I had any quibbles, it’s that the figure is a bit large relative to many dinosaur models, making it difficult to scale alongside them.

Would I recommend it? Certainly—it’s a bit bigger compared to other WS dinos (roughly 1:15 scale) but looks nice on the shelf. And, again, it balances like a biped!

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