Vault Tales 137 Shapeways Edaphosaurus

Here we are again, with a second Edaphosaurus in as many weeks. This time it is a 3D printed model from Shapeways, designed by creator GNModels, AKA Galileo Hernandez. I recognized the name as a sculptor that had created non-3D print model kits for some people, but I am not much for building; the opportunity to get some of his models in some fashion was exciting! I actually do have more than just this one from him, for a while I placed a lot of orders for 3D models…but in part I forgot to keep looking, and in part they’ve started getting really expensive!

I picked up this one, and a couple of others, back in 2013; it’s actually one of my last orders there (for now? I’ve been looking again and it’s a dangerous place). Most Shapeways models default to the flat white colour, but to shake up the shelf I would sometimes get ones in a different colour. In this case, obviously, I went with the royal blue. It definitely stands out on the shelf–and seems to help some of the fine detail stand out. Alongside some of the other coloured figures (I have blacks, greys, pinks, oranges and reds, for example) it gives it a bit of the old Invicta monochrome plastic feel. Although in hand it isn’t quite as shiny as the photos make it seem.

The GNModel figures like this Edaphosaurus are interesting because of how much detail in put into their textures and skins. As I said, every Shapeways creator can be quite different, but overall these ones take great care to make the animals feel lived in. All kinds of wrinkles and skin folds, as well as more active, non-linear poses, gives them a natural feel. Even when they are bright blue…!

For the most part, GNModels will refer a scale to the models; this Edaphosaurus is listed as 1:35. At about 9.5cm long, I came up with around 1:36 so that is pretty close; either way, it would fit in with most prehistoric reptile-and-similar figures that tend to be in the 1:30 or 1:40 range (mostly…). Interestingly, it is very similar in size and scale to the previously discussed Starlux figure, being only slightly smaller.

Pelycosaurs are of course annoyingly uncommon as figures, so it was great to get one more for the collection; there are a few older models out there, and of course CollectA recently graced us with an excellent (and BIG) model. Still, this Shapeways print would be great for the shelves (not for playing…there are more flexible materials now, but many models aren’t available that way). And for a skilled painter, they could probably do something really great with it…me, I will just keep mine as a bright blue anomaly on the shelf!

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