Sch Raven 3

Vault tales 39 Schleich Raven

Who makes it? German company Schleich, part of their European Wildlife series. Item number 14241 When did it come out? The raven first came out in 2001. Here it is, the raven, preparing to coming knocking on your door… Still available? Quoth the Raven…nevermore. Since 2004. I am not sorry for that. Where can it […]

Bully Diatryma 4

Vault tales 37 Bullyand Predatory Ratite

Who makes it? This figure is from the glory days of Bullyland’s Stuttgart Museum Prehistoric Mammals line, item number 58356. It was originally released as Diatryma, but the re-release labelled it Gastornis. If knowing the exact species is important, this figure is probably G. gigantea. since it’s the best known Gastornis skeleton. And the biggest […]

Colorata WCats Cheetah 3

Vault tales 30 Colorata Cheetah

Who makes it? Colorata, from their original Wild Cats Vol 1 box When did it come out? I think I picked it up in 2006? Running Cheetah! Still available? Unlike many of the Colorata boxes, I think this one is still available in its original format. Getting it outside of Japan remains tricky. And in […]

Dinot 1v2 Liopleurodon 3

Vault tales #29 Dinotales Liopleurodon v2

Who makes it? Kaiyodo, as part of the Dinotales line. Series 1 (but see below) item number 011.2 When did it come out? Bit of history here…The first series of Dinotales came out in 2001. A set of 24 blind bag figures that needed to be put together (for the most part) using as modern […]

The hell pig, with a fitting, scary background!

Vault tales #19 Safari Daeodon

Who makes it? Safari Ltd from their Prehistoric World Series. Item number 100082 When did it come out? 2018 Still available? It better be. It came out just over a year ago! The hell pig, with a fitting, scary background!But look at that handsome face. Where can it be found in my displays? On the […]

SW Odontochelys 2

Vault tales #18 Shapeways Odonotochelys

Who makes it? It is a 3D printed model from Shapeways, the creator goes by the name Prehistoric Creatures Shop. It’s a very fitting name. When did it come out? I received it 2011. But I believe the file went up earlier than that. Here it is…stark white against a reef background. Still available? As […]

Getting a closer look! Something about the mouth

Vault tales 16 Wild Republic Sockeye Salmon

Who makes it? Wild Republic as part of their Canadian Wildlife tube, number unknown. It’s a salmon! Whoo! When did it come out? From what I could find, 2007 Still available? And from the same research, the set is discontinued so…nope. Sorry. This is a bit of a shame for reasons I’ll get into below! […]

A somewhat over sized jackal,  but I don't have any people figures that are quite the right height. Maybe the people are really short?

Vault Tales 12 CollectA Black-backed Jackal

Who makes it? CollectA, as part of their Woodlands (?) collection. Never really thought of these as woodlands animals, but that where they put it. Item number is 88655 When did it come out? In 2014, back when it was easier to get the CollectA figures! The black-backed jackal, skulking along. There’s a bit of […]

Saf Toob Bary 4

Vault tales 40 Safari Toob Baryonyx

Who makes it? Safari Ltd, as part of their Sue and Her Friends toob, item 681304. When did it come out? The toob that contained this figure came out in 2012. However, the sculpt was first released in 2006 with a different toob, the Carnivorous Dinosaurs toob. The way it’s posed, it looks like it’s […]

Saf CamToob Charniodiscus 3

Vault tales 38 Safari Charniodiscus

Who makes it? One figure in the Safari Ltd Cambrian Life toob, number 677104. When did it come out? The toob was first released in 2013 The Charniodiscus figure! Not the most exciting organism…but their very existence is interesting, from a time before animals really started to take familiar shape. Still available? Unfortunately, no, the […]

Yowies FF Atlas bear 3

Vault tales 36 Yowies Atlas Bear

Who makes it? From the last run of the original Australian Yowies Series, the Forgoten Friends B set. When did it come out?About 2002. Still available? No. They were always limited runs–kind of an Australian version of the Japanese Dinotales. Right down to being made of plastic pieces that needed to be built! Behold, the […]

FUL gila 2

Vault tales 35 FUL Gila Monster

Who makes it? Like the earlier FUL Octopus, I found this in a bag distributed by FUL. They are, however, now sold by all kinds of companies, including Wild Republic. It is part of a set of 12 lizards and salamanders. When did it come out? Hard to say. I’ve had them since 2006 of […]

Saf toob brach skull 2

Vault tales 34 Safari Toob Brachiosaurus skull

Who makes it? It’s one of the model in the Safari Ltd Dinosaur skulls toob. Item number 687404 When did it come out? It was first released in 2009. Later in 2011, they released figures in a bulk bag. I have ones from both the toob and the bulk bag. They’re the same figure. Still […]

Aussini Chevro 1

Vault tales 33 Ausini Chevrotain

Who makes it? Once again the Random Number Generator seems…less random. Like the Wild Boar from a weeks ago this is a figure from the Ausini wild animals set. Like the rest of the set, nothing is labelled or identified by the company. My best guess is chevrotain (mouse deer)–it’s a pointy-nosed hoofed animal that […]

Safari toob Liopleur 3

Vault tales 32 Safari Toob Liopleurodon

Who makes it? Looks like the Random number generator really wanted to look into this set…same as the last post, it’s a figure from the Safari Prehistoric Sea Life toob, 682404 The massive (looking) Safari Toob Liopleurodon When did it come out? Still available? Where can it be found in my displays? How does it […]

Safari toob Tylosaur 2

Vault tales 31 Safari Toob Tylosaurus

Who makes it? Safari Ltd as part of their Preshistoric Sea Life TOOB, item number 682404 When did it come out? I want to say 2007. But it was apparently 2009. It’s a small but mighty little figure! Even the teeth, while a little uniform, are distinctly visible! Still available? I just found out that […]

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