Safari Henodus 2

Vault tales 53 Safari toob Henodus

Who makes it? Safari Ltd as part of their Prehistoric Sea Life Toob, item number 682404. It’s a set that I’ve previously talked about before. When did it come out? The toob was released in 2009 Still available? I still thought it was…even though it was discussed by me before! I think I’m in denial. […]

Collecta mini deinothere 1

Vault tales 51 CollectA Deinotherium (mini)

Who makes it? CollectA, as part of their Prehistoric Mammal mini box set, item number 89A1100 When did it come out? 2019 Still available? It hasn’t been out for a year yet…it had better be! (It is) Somehow, for such a small figure, it can still appear large! Where can it be found in my […]

Obscurus Mystrios 2

Vault tales 47 Obscurus Mystriosuchus

Who makes it? Brandon DeMoss sculpted it as part of his Obscurus line. Not only have I had his figures available in store, he also sculpts the fish for my FaunaFiguresFishes line! When did it come out? I can’t recall exactly–possibly around 2010? I had them in my store in 2014 or so. Here is […]

Kaiyodo DT Smilo skull 1

Vault tales Dinotales 42 Series 2 Smilodon Skull

Who makes it? Kaiyodo Dinotales, Series 2. Number 48 (the series were numbered continuously–this skull would have been the 24th in the second series) When did it come out? Pretty close to 2000 One challenge of Dinotales skulls? Display. They don’t have bases or platforms. Many are flat bottomed but some, like ceratopsian frills or […]

Sch Raven 3

Vault tales 39 Schleich Raven

Who makes it? German company Schleich, part of their European Wildlife series. Item number 14241 When did it come out? The raven first came out in 2001. Here it is, the raven, preparing to coming knocking on your door… Still available? Quoth the Raven…nevermore. Since 2004. I am not sorry for that. Where can it […]

Bully Diatryma 4

Vault tales 37 Bullyand Predatory Ratite

Who makes it? This figure is from the glory days of Bullyland’s Stuttgart Museum Prehistoric Mammals line, item number 58356. It was originally released as Diatryma, but the re-release labelled it Gastornis. If knowing the exact species is important, this figure is probably G. gigantea. since it’s the best known Gastornis skeleton. And the biggest […]

Colorata RL Stag beetle 2

Vault tales 56 Colorata Red-Legged Stag Beetle

Who makes it? Colorata, in their Stag Beetles Real Figure Box. It’s number 1 in the set. Yes, it’s a little dusty. It’s on my son’s shelves…and even behind glass… When did it come out? Not sure. At least 2004 although there may have been revisions in that time (it’s true of many of the […]

Safari toob Kronos 2

Vault tales 55 Safari toob Kronosaurus

Who makes it? Safari Ltd, part of their Carnivorous Dinos toob. And yes, it’s one of the 4 not-dinosaurs in the dinos toob…but it is carnivorous! The toob number is 699004. When did it come out? I want to say around 2003. There have been a few adjustments to things like the paint schemes, rarely […]

Epoch spot gard eel 3

Vault tales 54 Epoch Spotted Garden Eel

Who makes it? One of the figures in the Epoch “Life Account of the Trip” series of gashapon figures, the Marine Fish set. Item number 05. When did it come out? It’s hard to say. Probably around early to mid-2000s. Despite being only a few centimetres long, the face is very detailed–right down to the […]

Yujin NHK Apatos 3

Vault tales 52 Yujin NHK Apatosaurus

Who makes it? Produced by Yujin in conjunction with a NHK-Canada Film Board production called ‘Miracle Planet’. Part of a series of 14+3 secrets capsule set. In it’s display form, on a fancy plinth! When did it come out? Same time as the series, around 2004 Still available? Only in auctions and peer-to-peer. As with […]

Elastolin pike 2

Vault tales 50 Elastolin Northern Pike

Who makes it? This northern pike figure is from Elastolin, part of their Aquatic Animals line When did it come out? It is apparently from the 70s. Although I obtained it much more recently. The fish does not come with a base, but it also doesn’t really stand well. A little modelling wax and a […]

Yowies mastiff bat 1

Vault tales 49 Yowies Northern Mastiff Bat

Who makes it? Yowies, as part of their first series of animal figures. When did it come out? The series came out in 1997 This is a very smiley bat. But it really doesn’t feel like it’s really capturing the face of the real thing. Still available? Each series was short-lived, probably lasting about a […]

Arizona AU dinos 1

Vault tales 48-Group Profile-Arizona Silver Dinosaurs

What is this? Some figures that get picked are not really much to talk about…so I’ll speak to them as a group. In this case, it’s a group of pewter prehistoric animals from a company called Arizona Silver. I don’t know a tonne about them, but I do have a story behind them. The whole […]

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