The hell pig, with a fitting, scary background!

Vault tales #19 Safari Daeodon

Who makes it? Safari Ltd from their Prehistoric World Series. Item number 100082 When did it come out? 2018 Still available? It better be. It came out just over a year ago! The hell pig, with a fitting, scary background!But look at that handsome face. Where can it be found in my displays? On the […]

SW Odontochelys 2

Vault tales #18 Shapeways Odonotochelys

Who makes it? It is a 3D printed model from Shapeways, the creator goes by the name Prehistoric Creatures Shop. It’s a very fitting name. When did it come out? I received it 2011. But I believe the file went up earlier than that. Here it is…stark white against a reef background. Still available? As […]

Getting a closer look! Something about the mouth

Vault tales 16 Wild Republic Sockeye Salmon

Who makes it? Wild Republic as part of their Canadian Wildlife tube, number unknown. It’s a salmon! Whoo! When did it come out? From what I could find, 2007 Still available? And from the same research, the set is discontinued so…nope. Sorry. This is a bit of a shame for reasons I’ll get into below! […]

A somewhat over sized jackal,  but I don't have any people figures that are quite the right height. Maybe the people are really short?

Vault Tales 12 CollectA Black-backed Jackal

Who makes it? CollectA, as part of their Woodlands (?) collection. Never really thought of these as woodlands animals, but that where they put it. Item number is 88655 When did it come out? In 2014, back when it was easier to get the CollectA figures! The black-backed jackal, skulking along. There’s a bit of […]

And with a small Kaiyodo explorer. He's a little too big (maybe the Plateosaurus is small?). This photo is a bit of a blend of old and new--the human scale comes from the later, more recent Capsule sets made by Kaiyodo. In this case, the white ones came with the figures form the tyrannosaurid series; there are the same figures in black plastic from a ceratopsian series; and the blue humans, as seen in very tiny form, came with a marine reptiles series.

Vault Tales 10 Kaiyodo Dinotales Plateosaurus

Who makes it? Kaiyodo as part of their Dinotales line, Series 5 to be exact, the A version (more brown). The item number is 90A (the Dinotales stayed pretty consistent with their numbering over several series) When did it come out? About 2006 Behold! The first of likely many Dinotales, and Kaiyodo figures, to come! […]

FC Leedsichthys 2

Vault Tales 7 FaunaCasts Leedsichthys

Who makes it? Malcolm Mlodoch, an exhibit designer and modeler, for his FaunaCasts models series. He started them as a collector-directed line from the Dinosaur Toy Forum–a site that I am sure I will reference many times here. FaunaCasts Leedsichthys. A glorious megafish When did it come out? Complicated question. The first pictures were seen […]

Estemmenosuchus 2

Vault Tales 4 CollectA Estemmenosuchus

Who makes it? CollectA as part of their Deluxe prehistoric line. Item number 88816 When did it come out? 2018 Here it is, the CollectA Estemmenosuchus! In all of it’s weird, awkward glory! Still available? It just came out–I hope so! Access to CollectA products varies wildly in different parts of the world. I got […]

Bandai hyena  3

Vault Tales 3 Bandai Spotted Hyena standing

Who makes it? Bandai, as part of a World Natural Animals capsule series of African animals. Most were paired mother & young, or a family trio. The hyena set is two adults; the pictured one is the standing adult (the other one is sitting in a decidedly not-hyena like pose). They don’t give product numbers […]

That guy is almost tall enough to be to scale. It's a decent size figure.
And, of course, it warrants a pet behind the ear!

Vault tales #22 FameMaster 4D Grant’s Zebra

Who makes it? Another FameMaster 4D puzzle figure! The second one in a row chose at random! This is from one of the wildlife series (they call it animal series now), number 20124D A zebra! The model didn’t specify, but the rump markings probably indicate a Grant’s Zebra. Maybe a Plains of some kind. Again, […]

The figure is sort of to scale with the little man. I never really think of these hadrosaurs as huge, but apparently they are!

Vault tales #21 FameMaster 4D Parasaurolophus

Who makes it? Puzzle company FameMaster as one of their 4D puzzles. The 4th dimension is DETAIL! Clever. This one is item 20158B for the version that I have. The same models are often repainted and reissued. When did it come out? I’ve had it since 2010, but possibly earlier The figure is sort of […]

Epoch manta 3

Vault tales #20 Epoch Oceanic Manta Ray

Who makes it? A figure from the Epoch ‘Life Account of the Trip’ lines, specifically the Shark & Ray Series. No item number that I’m aware of. When did it come out? I don’t have any idea. I’ve had it since about 2003. So sometime before then. The figure on its base. The peg has […]

Tsushinoko 2

Vault tales 15 Agatsuma Tsuchinoko Snake

Who makes it? Agatsuma, a Japanese company. This is a secret chase figure from their Strange Predators series. The only mythological/cryptid figure in the set When did it come out? I really don’t know. I’ve had them since about 2011, so probably then. There isn’t a lot of information on them. It’s a coiled up […]

Porifera pair

Vault Tales 14 – Clades – Porifera

What is this? Well, this is the first random pick of something beyond ‘just’ a figure; among other things I’ve also given the option of looking at various shelves or taxonomic groups. I have preferred to use the phrase ‘clades’ when talking about these although I may not always follow strictly to the monophyletic meaning […]

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