Vault Tales 144 ToyTrio Orthacanthus, Frilled shark, Blacktip Reef shark

Well, recently we looked at a bony fish trio and a theropod dinosaur trio so today is another group of cool animals, a shark trio! A prehistoric shark, a so-called primitive shark, and a fairly ‘typical’ shark! Safari Ltd Prehistoric Sharks Toob Orthacanthus One of those really weird ‘pleuracanth’ sharks. As weird as it looks, […]


Vault Tales 143 ToyTrio Tawa, Coelophysis, Tyrannosaurus

So today’s trio is going to be a variety of dinosaur figures, all relatively recent releases! As it works out…it kind of acts as a very basic family lineage of the theropod (meat-eating) dinosaurs. If I arrange them in the right order…which I did. It’s also why it felt more right to put them together […]


Vault Tales 142 ToyTrio Marlin, Mackerel and Rummynose Tetra!

This ToyTrio is features three very different fish from very different companies…enjoy! Schleich Sea Animals Blue Marlin Two different angles on a fantastic fish figure! First off, we have a great little figure from the second time Schleich put out marine animals, their blue marlin! Item number 14556, this one came out in 2005 and […]

Safari Butterfly toob 01

Vault tales Run the Set 141 Safari Tropical Butterflies toob

Summer is winding down–so time for some colourful bugs! It’s a run the set today, and I’ll be honest, it’s going to be brief. Not because they aren’t nice figures, I just wouldn’t really have much to say. It’s the Safari Ltd Tropical Butterflies set, number 684504. I believe first released around 2016 but it […]


Vault Tales 140 ToyTrio Pachyrhinosaurus, Stenonychosaurus, Tuatara

It’s a prehistoric…or prehistoric adjacent…Toy Trio today! Vivid Imaginations Scowler Pachyrhinosaurus The figure looks beaten up. This is how it comes, and I think is supposed to indicate a rough life! The eye spot pattern on the frill is a nice touch If you think back to 2013, you might remember some pretty heavy dino-nerd […]

Capcom Gigantoraptor 1

Vault Tales 139 Capcom Gigantoraptor

The Capcom Gigantoraptor. Is it truly gigantic? It’s not too bad. Today’s figure is from Capcom, released for a Japanese Dino Expo in 2009 (and available only then). For many of their runs, starting from around 2003 or 2004, maybe earlier, Dino Expo figures were produced by Kaiyodo–some were releases or box sets of pre-existing […]

Colorata SW Fish 01

Vault tales Run the Set 138 Colorata Saltwater Fish box (original)

After so many individual fish, we are going to look at the whole set in one place! They come in these nifty lunch kits, and have a booklet too! Well, after so many posts about individual fish figures from this set, we are going to see them all as a Run the Set! This is […]

Shapeways 3D GN Edaphosaurus 1

Vault Tales 137 Shapeways Edaphosaurus

It probably doesn’t help that the figure is a single solid colour, but the face is actually pretty detailed. Here we are again, with a second Edaphosaurus in as many weeks. This time it is a 3D printed model from Shapeways, designed by creator GNModels, AKA Galileo Hernandez. I recognized the name as a sculptor […]


Vault Tales 136 ToyTrio Lotus Flower, Blue Spiny Lizard, Powan

Today’s trio is all over the place…in terms of species, company and quality! Safari Flower Toob Lotus Flower It’s a Lotus flower! Okay, not super exciting, but good potential for filling out scenes, like with a Schleich mini frog! Or with The Doctor, about 1:7 scale, but who knows for sure. Well, first up we […]

Kaiyodo palaeozoic 6 no bases

Vault tales Run the Set 135 Kaiyodo CapsuleQ Palaeozoic

One of the more recent sets by Kaiyodo. Admittedly, only 80% of a recent set… We have a Run-the-Set today, this time the Paleozoic Era set from the Kaiyodo CapsuleQ Museum line. This set was released as a limited run in 2015. I am not sure what exactly, but it was likely for a museum […]

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