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FameMaster Triggerfish 2

Vault Tales 116 Famemaster 4D Clown Triggerfish

Up close the spaces are pretty visible between the puzzle pieces It has been a while since I discussed a puzzle figure from the FameMaster company, and I think this is the first marine animal one! As with those other ones, these figures are notable for their fairly high attention to detail, sculpt, and paint […]

Safari Monarch LC 4 adult

Vault Tales Run the Set 115 Safari Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

This post will be short because, in all honesty, I don’t have much to say about it! It is one of the Life Cycles made by Safari Ltd as part of their Safariology line–toys and models meant to act as educational guides as well as toys. This one features a pretty well-known cycle, that of […]


Vault Tales 114 ToyTrio Liopleurodon, Water Monitor, Rhino Iguana

This one is a new Toy Trio, a model I’ve used only once before. A chance to look quickly at a few figures that were picked by the Random Number Generator, but might not warrant a full on post on their own. It’s also a chance to work through the list a little faster…there’s about […]

Safari trees toob 1

Vault Tales Run the Set 113 Safari Trees TOOB

It’s the whole set of trees! Evenly split between angiosperms and gymnosperms if you’re curious. With a Safari Ltd mini bison. Back with another Run the Set! This time I’m going to go over the entire Safari Treess toob, set 684304. I talked about one of the figures…or two of them, because of different colours, […]

Pliosaurs 7 small Liopleurodon

Vault tales 112 – Clades – Pliosaurs

Part of the fun of doing these clades ones is learning more about the models I have! Here we some that only show up as one example in my collection–the CollectA Rhomalaeosaurus which is not quite a pliosaurid but is a pliosauroid; the CollectA Attenborosaurus, a long-necked pliosaur that I originally thought was a plesiosaur; […]

TFF Americ Angler set

Vault Tales Run the Set 111 ToyFishFactory American Angler Collection

It’s a set of fish! popular American angling fish no less! We’re back with a Run the Set again, this time the American Angler collection from Toy Fish Factory. I know I’ve talked about the TFF line at some point–I think in the old version of the blog. Since then, of course, the purpose of […]

CollectA Uintathere 2

Vault Tales 110 CollectA Uintatherium

The Uintatherium as proposed by CollectA. It’s a pretty active, dynamic beast. With the obvious knobbly head! Today we are going to look at a single figure (I know, it’s been a while!), the recent CollectA Uintatherium from their Deluxe prehistoric mammals line. It is number 88800 in their series, and was released in 2017, […]

Stegocephalia 2 tiktaalik2

Vault tales 109 – Clades – “Stegocephalia”

We’ll work the photos from furthest back in the fossil record. This is a 3D printed Tiktaalik from Shapeways–sadly no longer available. The file didn’t print quite right (there are gaps on the underside). It’s about 1:23 scale with the guy there. The rear limbs were not published when the model was made, so they […]

CollectA mini dinos1 All

Vault Tales Run the Set 108 CollectA Dinosaurs MiniBox 1

All 12 figures from Dinosaurs set 1. I personally think we might be due for a couple more. So we’re back already with another Run the Set! This time we’ll look at a much more recent one, a box made up of miniature versions of some of the CollectA Deluxe and Standard dinosaurs. This is […]

Kaiyodo JPIII All

Vault Tales Run the Set 107 Kaiyodo CocaCola JPIII Dinosaurs

All of the Kaiyodo Jurassic Park III dinosaurs. 11/12 are in perfect, shiny condition… Way, way, way back I wrote about a special release Kaiyodo dinosaur model–a Spinosaurus skull from their Jurassic Park III + Coca Cola promotion (almost exactly 100 posts ago!). Now, the Random Number Generator has selected other figures from the series, […]

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