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Safari Shunosaurus 2

Vault Tales 134 Safari Shunosaurus

It stands out from your ‘average’ sauropod in being…more derpy. The tail isn’t clearly visible here. So today we’re going to look at one of the smaller sauropods made by Safari–the Shunosaurus from 2016, item number 305529. It was released in a pretty great year of Safari figures of unusual prehistoric animals actually, and I […]

Toy trio 133

Vault Tales 133 ToyTrio Andalusian, Mapusaurus, Utahraptor

Another ToyTrio, and another pretty random assortment! MojoFun Andalusian stallion I don’t have many horses. And really, this one is only in the collection by accident I believe that this might be the first horse I’ve looked at on this blog. As I’ve said before, I don’t really have much to do with farm/domestic animals, […]

Groovy Tubes Raging Reptiles 17 Book set

Vault tales Run the Set 132 Innovative Kids Groovy Tubes Raging Reptiles

The whole reptile gang with the box cover. Possibly the most diverse reptiles set ever. As for the figures, they are a solid O K. So two Innovative Kids Groovy Tubes set in one week…sometimes the Random Number Generator doesn’t seem so random…Anyway, kind of exciting to finally get to one of the animal sets. […]

Groovy Tubes Magic Creat 17 Book set

Vault Tales Run the Set 131 Innovative Kids Groovy Tubes Magical Creatures

The Magical Creatures box set, with the figures spread out. On first appearance, definitely more…pastel…than the Mythical Beasts. I’m sure that’s coincidence. Because this is the one with the horse-like animals… Well what do you know? Another Groovy Tubes set from Innovative Kids. And just like the last one, this set is going to look […]

Starlux Edaphosaurus 2

Vault Tales 130 Starlux Edaphosaurus

Starlux is such a classic company for figures like these. This one took quite a while for me to track down too. One of the earliest Edaphosaurus figures, definitely one of my oldest ones. Today’s post I am going to look at a figure that was one of my personal grails…and I was happy to […]

Toy trio 129

Vault Tales 129 ToyTrio Housecat, Brachiosaurus & Mammoth pair

A ToyTrio today and it’s…diverse. Again. Which is probably an accurate reflection of the animal figures in the house to be honest. I’m going to just jump right in. CollectA Mini Box Dinosaurs 2 Brachiosaurus The mini Brachiosaurus is a decent little figure, although I think every maker struggles with how, exactly, to pose them […]

Monotremes 5

Vault tales 128 – Clades – Monotremes

Back again with another Clades post! Earlier this week we looked at a group of so-called primitive fish. This time around, it will be some so-called primitive mammals, the monotremes. As a group, they are (probably? maybe?) the most basal living group of mammals. At the very least, they are united by some shared characteristics–like […]

chondrostei 10 all

Vault tales 127 – Clades – Chondrostei

I am back with another Clades post. This one is exciting because it features one of my favorite fish groups! It’s also daunting because I have a lot of representatives of this group (unlike most of the ones I’ve done) which means more to say. And also trying to sort out photo presentation… As it […]


Vault Tales 126 ToyTrio Megalictis, Dromedary, Helicoprion

Sometimes a Toy Trio has a theme, something that links them together. Maybe it’s a taxonomic theme, or a geographic theme, or maybe their respective companies have something in common. And sometimes, the only connection is ‘animal figure that is in my collection’. This trio is one of those latter ones. These are seriously all […]

Mattel JW Gallimimus 1

Vault Tales 125 Mattel Jurassic World Gallimimus

Gallimimus in all of its two-tone glory. But the figure itself is pretty active looking overall Surprisingly, after all of this, I don’t think I’ve covered much from the various Jurassic Park/Jurassic World toy lines. Part of this might be that I don’t have a tonne of them; shocking, I know, but I wasn’t really […]

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