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Schleich Smilodon 1

Vault Tales 122 Schleich Smilodon

The view from the front of the figure is not its best angle… Ah, Schleich. For a company that was so integral to my collecting, for so long, you’d think it would have come up more. Alas, it has not–possibly because I have found new homes for the vast majority of what I once had. […]

Colorata Mahi mahi 5

Vault Tales 121 Colorata Dolphinfish

As always, Colorata does a great job capturing the life appearance of their fish This post is going to look at another figure from the Saltwater Fishes box produced by Colorata. This will be the Dolphinfish, AKA Mahi-Mahi, number in the original set. It’s interesting that, given that I have hundreds of Colorata figures (they’re […]


Vault Tales 120 ToyTrio Vauxia, Reef Manta, Paradisefish

Here we have another ToyTrio, with a chance to revisit a figure from an earlier, revisit a set I mentioned once, and visit a set I’m very fond of for the first time! Safari Cambrian toob Vauxia These photos probably look very similar to the ones from my Porifera clades post. There’s not really much […]

Kinto Plesiosaur metal 1

Vault Tales 119 Kinto/Favorite Pewter Plesiosaurus

It’s like a trophy or something, complete with wooden stand! For today we’re going to look at one of those odd ones in my collection–a well known company in an unusual style. As the photos give it away, it is a special release pewter version of their Plesiosaurus, but not the one familiar now. For […]


Vault Tales 118 ToyTrio Nimravid, Iberian Lynx, Ichthyosaur

Time for another Toy Trio, a model I use to look quickly at a few figures that were picked by the Random Number Generator, but might not warrant a full on post on their own. It’s also a chance to work through the list a little faster…I’m not going to run through it anytime soon, […]

Safari Nigersaurus 3

Vault Tales 117 Safari Ltd Nigersaurus

Who remembers when this species was first announced? It was so odd and goofy looking, compared to what we normally thought of as sauropods or ‘longnecks’ Today’s post is about the Safari Ltd. Nigersaurus from what is now their Prehistoric World line, item number 286329–but at the time was referred to as the Dinos & […]

FameMaster Triggerfish 2

Vault Tales 116 Famemaster 4D Clown Triggerfish

Up close the spaces are pretty visible between the puzzle pieces It has been a while since I discussed a puzzle figure from the FameMaster company, and I think this is the first marine animal one! As with those other ones, these figures are notable for their fairly high attention to detail, sculpt, and paint […]

Safari Monarch LC 4 adult

Vault Tales Run the Set 115 Safari Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

This post will be short because, in all honesty, I don’t have much to say about it! It is one of the Life Cycles made by Safari Ltd as part of their Safariology line–toys and models meant to act as educational guides as well as toys. This one features a pretty well-known cycle, that of […]


Vault Tales 114 ToyTrio Liopleurodon, Water Monitor, Rhino Iguana

This one is a new Toy Trio, a model I’ve used only once before. A chance to look quickly at a few figures that were picked by the Random Number Generator, but might not warrant a full on post on their own. It’s also a chance to work through the list a little faster…there’s about […]

Safari trees toob 1

Vault Tales Run the Set 113 Safari Trees TOOB

It’s the whole set of trees! Evenly split between angiosperms and gymnosperms if you’re curious. With a Safari Ltd mini bison. Back with another Run the Set! This time I’m going to go over the entire Safari Treess toob, set 684304. I talked about one of the figures…or two of them, because of different colours, […]

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