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Kaiyodo JPIII All

Vault Tales Run the Set 107 Kaiyodo CocaCola JPIII Dinosaurs

All of the Kaiyodo Jurassic Park III dinosaurs. 11/12 are in perfect, shiny condition… Way, way, way back I wrote about a special release Kaiyodo dinosaur model–a Spinosaurus skull from their Jurassic Park III + Coca Cola promotion (almost exactly 100 posts ago!). Now, the Random Number Generator has selected other figures from the series, […]

Feves all

Vault Tales Run the Set 105 Feves Prehistoric animals

This post is another Run the Set, although I don’t think it’s really a full set–just all of the figures I have that would be included. Here we have a number of prehistoric animals produced by Feves. Or called Feves…I’m not really sure if it’s a brand or a style. I know that they are […]

Safari skull all set

Vault Tales Run the Set 101 Safari Mammal Skulls toob

The whole set of skulls. These are not to scale So we’re back with another Run the Set again, heading for a second hundred posts! After writing up the last one I really like the way that format worked especially for these kinds of picture-heavy posts. So I am going to go with this kind […]


Vault Tales Run the Set 100 The FaunaFiguresFishes!

Welcome to post 100! A milestone number! And I thought I should do something different, and kind of special–so I will go over all of the figures from my original line of fish figures, made for my store! The FaunaFiguresFishes were sculpted and cast for by a sculptor named Brandon DeMoss. The first of the […]

GroovyTubes Myth Beast 01 book

Vault tales Run the Set 89 Innovative Kids Groovy Tubes Mythical Beasts

What is this? Another Run the Set already!? Exciting! This is a bit of a weird departure. I don’t often discuss fantasy or mythical animals here, as I don’t generally collect them much now–but I would take advantage of unique sets when they appear. For example, as you can see from the photo of the […]

Ein O Fossils 6 set

Vault tales Run the Set 78 COG Fascinating Fossils

What is this? Another Run the Set already!? It really is, with another take on prehistoric figures from COG. In this instance it’s a lot of fake fossils, just like the Safari Ancient Fossils toob. Does it hold up? What are these? These models are from a COG Ltd series called Ein-O-Science, small, inexpensive science-lab […]

Iwako 1

Vault tales Run the Set 73 Iwako Prehistoric erasers

What is this? Well, it’s another Run the Set! This time, a selection of erasers from Japan by a company called Iwako. There is no way that I have all of them, but I do have a pretty interesting variety of species among them. What are these? As I said, they are erasers. Of some […]

Saf Fossil toob whole set

Vault tales Run the Set 60 Safari Ancient Fossils toob

What’s going on here? Well, some figures don’t really need a full review. Especially small bin or toob sets. And yes, I have discussed individual small figures from sets before but it can’t hurt to shake things up a bit. So for this one, and others in the future (should have done it for the […]

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