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Monotremes 5

Vault tales 128 – Clades – Monotremes

Back again with another Clades post! Earlier this week we looked at a group of so-called primitive fish. This time around, it will be some so-called primitive mammals, the monotremes. As a group, they are (probably? maybe?) the most basal living group of mammals. At the very least, they are united by some shared characteristics–like […]

chondrostei 10 all

Vault tales 127 – Clades – Chondrostei

I am back with another Clades post. This one is exciting because it features one of my favorite fish groups! It’s also daunting because I have a lot of representatives of this group (unlike most of the ones I’ve done) which means more to say. And also trying to sort out photo presentation… As it […]

Pliosaurs 7 small Liopleurodon

Vault tales 112 – Clades – Pliosaurs

Part of the fun of doing these clades ones is learning more about the models I have! Here we some that only show up as one example in my collection–the CollectA Rhomalaeosaurus which is not quite a pliosaurid but is a pliosauroid; the CollectA Attenborosaurus, a long-necked pliosaur that I originally thought was a plesiosaur; […]

Stegocephalia 2 tiktaalik2

Vault tales 109 – Clades – “Stegocephalia”

We’ll work the photos from furthest back in the fossil record. This is a 3D printed Tiktaalik from Shapeways–sadly no longer available. The file didn’t print quite right (there are gaps on the underside). It’s about 1:23 scale with the guy there. The rear limbs were not published when the model was made, so they […]

Gorgonsopid 5

Vault tales 104 – Clades – Gorgonopsia

The gorgonopsian gang, from my collection at least. There are probably a few other more elaborate models and kits. These figures are very not to scale We’re back to another clades post–this time it’s one where I actually have a number of models, from a group that I actively collect. It’s the group of synapsids […]

Protosuchian 1

Vault tales 87 – Clades – Protosuchia

It’s been a long time since the Random Number Generator picked a clade instead of a figure, but here we are. And while as a group it’s a little more in my normal wheelhouse…it’s not exactly a group with a lot of figures! As with many groups and their listings in my personal database, sometimes […]

Porifera pair

Vault Tales 14 – Clades – Porifera

What is this? Well, this is the first random pick of something beyond ‘just’ a figure; among other things I’ve also given the option of looking at various shelves or taxonomic groups. I have preferred to use the phrase ‘clades’ when talking about these although I may not always follow strictly to the monophyletic meaning […]

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