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Featured Creature – Safari Red-Bellied Piranha (Incredible Creatures)

Released in 2014 as part of their Incredible Creatures series, Safari released what may be a very long overdue figure–a piranha. This is especially surprising given how this fish is very well-known to aquarium keepers, fish and river enthusiasts, and horror and adventure story fans. And of course viewers of the show River Monsters, where […]


MOJO Spotted Hyena

Not going to lie, I think that hyenas are among my favourite animals of all time, hands down (notice the logo up there?).  They have a fossil history that I find  surprising (and disappointingly diverse, given the mere 4 living species today) while their social behaviour and  adaptability make them admirable and terrifying in equal […]


Geoworld Falcarius

For the first featured Fauna Figures creature I have chosen to look closer at the GeoWorld Falcarius, released as part of the Jurassic Hunters 2nd Expedition. Why Falcarius? Because I’d never heard of this dinosaur until I saw it listed, so I had to learn more about it! It turns out that Falcarius is a […]

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