The Vault!

A place to talk about random figures from my collection. Some will be in-depth with stories behind them, some will…be randomly chosen and I won’t have much to say about them! Those will be a section called Tales from the Vault!

There may also be the occasional other thing to write about. For example, I may discuss the madness behind some of my shelves, or the taxonomic groups I have in my collection or…other things. We’ll see.

The way the subject matter will be chosen will be the nerdiest way I could find…I have my entire collection organized in a database. I have assigned each item a sequential number. And then I use a Random Number Generator to determine the next subject! Which is why there is no particular rhyme or reason to what shows up when. Of course, I might just ignore a RNG pick if I want to.

I’m also going to warn you now…I will be referring to my shelves and where the figures are. It will give a sense of how I organize myself. There are so many shelves and while I try to have themes, it doesn’t always work.

And, at some point, I may also use this space as a jumping-off point for me to find new homes for parts of my collection that need new homes. But that will take longer. Those will be the Sales from the Vault!

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