Vault Tales 216 Run the Set Wild Republic Bouncy Ball Sharks

So weird set today–and proof that amazing figures and sets can come from very, very dumb places. I am sure that most people are familiar with Wild Republic–their merch is ubiquitous in shops at zoos, aquariums, museums and science centres…and has also infiltrated regular toy shops and ‘impulse’ toy sections in other stores. These days,Continue reading “Vault Tales 216 Run the Set Wild Republic Bouncy Ball Sharks”

Vault tales #28 K&M International Red Salamander

Who makes it? The company is called Wild Republic now, but back in the day, the good figures were K&M International. That’s what this salamander is branded as, part of their ‘medium’ size rubber salamander set. Item number 20757 When did it come out? Unlike many of the more obscure ones, the stamp makes thisContinue reading “Vault tales #28 K&M International Red Salamander”