Vault Tales 165 Run the Set Yowies UK series 2

Here we are with another Run the Set, and again it’s one where I don’t have the whole set…not even close. But I have a number of them, and I think entirely from one trade with someone! The UK Yowies were distributed by Cadbury, just like the Australian ones, and probably around the same time,Continue reading “Vault Tales 165 Run the Set Yowies UK series 2”

Vault Tales 98 Yowies UK Frilled Lizard

It seems like we just visited the Yowies a couple days ago and here we are with another classic version. This time, it is a figure made by Cadbury for Yowies in the UK. Although they still came with chocolate, the UK figures were single-piece figures made of PVC. There were only two series released,Continue reading “Vault Tales 98 Yowies UK Frilled Lizard”