Vault tales Run the Set 132 Innovative Kids Groovy Tubes Raging Reptiles

So two Innovative Kids Groovy Tubes set in one week…sometimes the Random Number Generator doesn’t seem so random…Anyway, kind of exciting to finally get to one of the animal sets. This is actually the first one that I saw in a store, and couldn’t believe some of the animals inside. There were some that IContinue reading “Vault tales Run the Set 132 Innovative Kids Groovy Tubes Raging Reptiles”

Vault tales 41 Dinosaur Train Adocus

Who makes it? The company Learning Curve, as part of the series of figures with the Dinosaur Train PBS series. His name is apparently Adam. When did it come out? Originally came out in 2010 Still available? I honestly can’t tell. The distribution was always a bit difficult to pin down. Probably not though. WhereContinue reading “Vault tales 41 Dinosaur Train Adocus”

Vault tales #18 Shapeways Odonotochelys

Who makes it? It is a 3D printed model from Shapeways, the creator goes by the name Prehistoric Creatures Shop. It’s a very fitting name. When did it come out? I received it 2011. But I believe the file went up earlier than that. Still available? As long as the file is available, and thereContinue reading “Vault tales #18 Shapeways Odonotochelys”