Vault tales 162 Run the Set Agatsuma Strange Predators

Well here we have another Run the Set and as the name suggests, it is strange. From a Japanese company (of course) called Agatsuma Entertainment, they apparently are mostly a company that makes character merchandise. But for whatever reason, in 2011 or so they decided to create a set of (almost) entirely aquatic predators. ButContinue reading “Vault tales 162 Run the Set Agatsuma Strange Predators”

Vault Tales 152 ToyTrio Flame snake, Tsushinokos & Nessie/Plesiosaur trio

So…I’m doing this, this week. Three different figures, three different takes on imaginary/mythical/cryptozoolgical animals all based on real animals. To varying degrees of quality. We’ll even go from solo to a duo to a trio! Some were worth getting because of how they represent real creatures; others were probably part of random lots…or came asContinue reading “Vault Tales 152 ToyTrio Flame snake, Tsushinokos & Nessie/Plesiosaur trio”

Vault tales 15 Agatsuma Tsuchinoko Snake

Who makes it? Agatsuma, a Japanese company. This is a secret chase figure from their Strange Predators series. The only mythological/cryptid figure in the set When did it come out? I really don’t know. I’ve had them since about 2011, so probably then. There isn’t a lot of information on them. Still available? They showContinue reading “Vault tales 15 Agatsuma Tsuchinoko Snake”