Vault Tales 268 FigureFrenzy Ichthyosaurus, Opabinia, Ammonite, Stethacanthus

All prehistoric! All aquatic! All kinds of different taxonomic groups. And wildly diffefrent companies. Just a small glimpse of the range of figures I have I guess. Dinotales Series 2 Ichthyosaurus We’ll start with a figure from a series that, of course, I’ve looked at many times before, from Kaiyodo Dinotales series 2. In thisContinue reading “Vault Tales 268 FigureFrenzy Ichthyosaurus, Opabinia, Ammonite, Stethacanthus”

Vault Tales 244 Run the Set OUMCRAFT ‘Life’ Game figures part 3

Way back in April of 2021, I received a package from Thailand featuring a number of prehistoric animal models meant to be used with the Life game by designer Oumcraft. I detailed the figures I received in that package in two parts; the first featured the Cambrian, Ordovician and Silurian animals; the follow up lookedContinue reading “Vault Tales 244 Run the Set OUMCRAFT ‘Life’ Game figures part 3”

Vault tales 179 – Clades – Euchondrocephali

Already another ‘clades’ post, but this time one with a few more figures at least! This one will be Euchondrocephali–a group of shark-like chondrichthyan fish that are more closely related to the holocephalans (the modern ratfish Chimaera and elephantnose fish Callorhinchus). The funny thing is that for the longest time, these fish were assumed toContinue reading “Vault tales 179 – Clades – Euchondrocephali”