So today is Christmas day–which means that the whole family is here! The extended family is here now! Day twelve can be found here. The tag for the whole set will be here. On Fishmas day itself cladistics gave to me… Twelve Eupercaria! Eleven fish near the top Ten Syngnatharia+Pelagiaria Nine Percomorpha Eight basal NeoteleostsContinue reading “FISHMAS DAY!”

Vault Tales 243 Run the Set Safari Ltd Alligators Alive! toob

Now with another toob from Safari! This one has a very narrow theme, in this case focusing on a number of American Alligator figures (and a few associated reptiles from their normal range). In a way, it’s surprising that a toob like this didn’t come out sooner–Safari Ltd is a company founded and based inContinue reading “Vault Tales 243 Run the Set Safari Ltd Alligators Alive! toob”

Vault tales 162 Run the Set Agatsuma Strange Predators

Well here we have another Run the Set and as the name suggests, it is strange. From a Japanese company (of course) called Agatsuma Entertainment, they apparently are mostly a company that makes character merchandise. But for whatever reason, in 2011 or so they decided to create a set of (almost) entirely aquatic predators. ButContinue reading “Vault tales 162 Run the Set Agatsuma Strange Predators”