Vault tales 82 Medicom Megalodon

Who makes it? Part of a series of ‘Mystery’ or Cryptid models from Japanese company Medicom, this ‘Ancient Shark’ is part of their Mystery Museum series 2. It is referred to as ‘Ancient Shark’ officially, but given the size (there is a yacht-like boat in the base) it is most likely referring to Otodus megalodon,Continue reading “Vault tales 82 Medicom Megalodon”

Vault tales 79 Safari toob Sarcoprion

Who makes it? Safari Ltd as part of the Prehistoric Sharks toob. The toob item number is 679904. When did it come out? I think 2010…that sounds about right. Still available? Sadly, no. Like other great toobs from Safari, this one has been discontinued. Where can it be found in my displays? I actually haveContinue reading “Vault tales 79 Safari toob Sarcoprion”

Vault tales 66 Kaiyodo Capsule Q Tiger Shark

Who makes it? The second Kaiyodo aquatic figure in a week!? But this is from a very different set–it is more current, and part of what Kaiydo now refers to as their CapsuleQ Museum series–Series 7, Yaeyama, number 052 in the set. These particular series were produced referencing regions of Japan. When did it comeContinue reading “Vault tales 66 Kaiyodo Capsule Q Tiger Shark”